Friday, July 15, 2011


Today Smug-Grandma and I took all four kids to the pool. We actually had a lot of fun and when the girls got tired, I took them for a drive while Smug-Grandma stayed at the pool so the boys could play more. The girls slept almost 2 hours!!! I guess all the swimming wore them out!

It was a good day overall! I came home and made kabobs and grilled potatoes and corn on the dob for dinner and Smug-Hub said it was a big hit. We worked together to clean up the kitchen and then he watered all the plants while I did the bath thing with Smug-Baby. She was almost asleep by the time he got back inside, so we laid her down and spent a few minutes talking about our respective days. Now he is watching TV and I am updating you :)

It was a nice day, but I have had a headache the last few hours that is seeming to be getting worse. Now my throat seems a bit scratchy too, I really hope that I am not getting sick! While it is almost the weekend and if you are going to get sick its nice to not have to miss work and put Smug-Sister in a bind, but I would hate to be sick!! It is supposed to be a nice weekend and I have a massage scheduled for Saturday morning! I want to enjoy it and not be feeling horrible!!! Oh well, I will double up on the Emergin-C tomorrow and hope for the best!!

Good night cyber world!! Sleep well!!

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