Sunday, January 20, 2008

Food Glorious Food!

Well, I was really hoping that I would no longer have any cravings for the food to which I am hopelessly addicted, but this was not the case. I have eaten anything and everything that has crossed my path for the last few days since I stopped the cleanse. I love everything even more than I did before, God food is a wonderful thing!!

All that being said, I have got to get a handle on this eating everything and not exercising thing. I have to find something that fits into my currently overloaded life. I don't have the motivation that I need to get something going. I am going to try to get back into Spark this week and log everything that I am eating. This might help get me on the right track. Once I have the food thing under control, I can work on adding the working out thing. I know that I would have more energy if I was exercising regularly, but I am too tired all the time to make myself get started.

Oh well, I am getting ready to have my monthly visitor, and that always makes me irritable and depressed, I hope that I can get the food stuff going good this week and then once the visitor takes its leave, I will feel more like working out and pushing myself!!

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  1. Smug- I'm impressed that you lasted as long as you did...I know I never would have. I tried the fat smash diet...very simple and I had no cravings & felt great. It's very strict, but involves very wholesome foods. For workouts, I find Turbo Jam very motivating. The shortest workout is 15 mins and they have a 20 minutes, 30 min and up from there. It's a cross between dance, self defense and kick boxing. Works for me! Anyway, I'm sure you'll find your secret weapon soon. You certainly seem very determined! Good Luck!