Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Master Cleanse - Day 2

Last night was not the best, but I actually was not that miserable! I had class and I had to pee 7 times during the 4 hour class. That was annoying! Also, everyone in the damn class had food and 7 of the 9 presentations were about food. That was also annoying!

I don't really feel bad, I don't really feel hungry, I feel like I would be doing great if my mind would butt out and leave me the hell alone! For instance, I smelled the pizza that they were selling in the break room today.
My brain says "Oh God, Wouldn't you just LOVE some pizza right now?" To which I reply "not really, smells good though"
My brain laughs and says "Smug-Hub is out of town, no one is going to know what you have been up to while he's gone" I say "I would know! I want to do this! No one is making me do this! I want to be healthy and ready when it comes time to have a baby!!"
My brain looks at me sceptically and shrugs "Fine, I will be right here to tell you I told you so, when you fail. You know you will!" This really bums me out. My brain has no faith in me....

I have done OK today, except that I needed to have had more juice before now, but I am so busy at work, that I keep forgetting about mixing it up. The only other thing seems to be that the cayenne pepper really burns my throat when I drink the juice, so I have been putting it off.

I brought enough to make 6 servings and I am planning on having the last one about 4:30, so it is all good. I am also on my second bottle of water and I don't think that I have been peeing as much, but the herbal laxative has been causing some cramping periodically, but nothing major.

In other news, the mortgage lender called me to let us know that the interest rates are down to 5.785% and may be heading back up. She is going to wait until the morning when some kind of consumer index comes out, if it looks good, the rates will rise. If it looks bad they may stay the same or fall just a bit more. I am really excited about getting a rate under 6%!!

Mom is concerned that there is a bit of a conflict of interest since the higher the rate, the more money the mortgage lender makes. She is such a downer! I would be more concerned, except that when I suggested closing early to take advantage of the rate when it was 6.175%, the lender told me to wait, that the rates were going to fall again. She was right! She could have agreed with me, locked me into the 6.175% rate and laughed about it later. I feel fairly confident about it - I mean as confident as a person can be who knows nothing about this process!!

Anyway, all seems good on the cleanse front and the house front!!

Se you all tomorrow!!


  1. You are a trooper!

    Day one down and day two half way in the tanker!!!


  2. Girly...good luck with that!

    Your mom....sometimes you gotta ignore her.....and I mean that in the kindest way possible! :)