Thursday, January 17, 2008

Master Cleanse - Day 4

Today is the final day! Smug-Hub did the cleanse for 4 days and so have I!!

I had a really hard time sleeping last night, I kept waking up with hunger pains, once I was awake I would have to pee and then I would get some cramping and have to go back to the bathroom. I am not as tired as I should be, but still - there is a nap in my afternoon!!

I have been fine today - we are having some nasty weather here - some snow, but more sleet and freezing rain. I went into work really early to get a few things done and have been working from home this afternoon. I would have stayed, but I really need new tires and I am concerned about driving in ice on crappy tires!

I have about 3 more servings of lemonade left and then I will have some veggie stock and maybe some potatoes.

I will have to venture out again this evening to pick Smug-Hub up from the airport about 6pm tonight, so we can go to the grocery store on the way home if I am feeling like eating anything else. I still want some pasta, with a fresh red tomato sauce! I actually think that I may have all the stuff I need to make some pasta! I am just going to have to see how my stomach feels after the stock and potatoes.

Overall I am glad that I did this, but I did not lose any weight and I am still having the cravings. I guess that maybe all that would change if I stayed on the cleanse longer but that is not going to happen. If I was feeling good, losing weight, having less cravings it would be different.

I hope that my stomach will have shrunk, so I can eat smaller portions and make better food choices, which was the whole point of this cleanse.

Thanks for all the support!!


  1. That's a long time to go without solid food, Smug. Great job. I've been pigging out this weekend and really should follow your example.