Monday, January 14, 2008

Master Cleanse - Day 1

I am finally finished with the anti-inflammatory drugs for my hand, so I am kicking off the fast/cleanse/diet thing this week. My husband if out of town until Thursday evening, so I will have peace and quiet while going through the mood swings of detoxing. I am going to try to post everyday about the experience, both as a reference for others and as a way to chart my progress. I wish that I had remembered to weigh myself this morning, but it was very early and I was still sleeping until I had been at work for few hours!!

So, OK I started by drinking the herbal laxative tea last night before going to bed. I felt fine when I got up this morning but nothing was moving, if you know what I mean.

The second step is to drink this salt water mixture, you are supposed to drink it slowly (or it can make you throw up). The ratio of salt to water is supposed to mimic your blood, so it does not get absorbed into the blood stream, but goes right through you to help kick start the cleaning out of your system. I drank my salt water after I got home from taking Smug-Hub to the airport - about 6:30am. You are supposed to start drinking the lemonade mixture after you start eliminating the salt water. I have not started eliminating the salt water yet, so I went ahead and had some lemonade about 9am. I was starting to feel really hungry, but not that horrible hunger, just a gnawing kind that I get sometimes when I get so busy at work that I forget to have lunch.

The lemonade is good, I used a lower amount of the maple syrup (it is supposed to be 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to 2 tablespoons of maple syrup - I used 2 to 1). This is supposed to help with weight loss and I really like the tart taste of the lemon. I used too much cayenne pepper in my first glass, but I kind of liked the spice!

I had my second glass of lemonade about 11:30 and I plan to have a glass about every hour and to follow each glass up with a glass of water. I normally drink one 33.8oz bottle of water each day, and I want to try to double that while I am fasting. I actually want to try to keep up with 2 of those bottles each day, which is just over 67oz. They say that you should drink 8 8oz glasses of water each day, that is 64oz, so by drinking two bottles of water, I would be getting just over the minimum! Totally doable!

How long am I planning to do the cleanse you ask? Smug-Hub did almost 4 full days, he had some orange juice and vegetable stock on the evening of the fourth day. I am slightly competitive, so I would like to do it longer than he did, and the book says that you should do 10 days at least. 10 days seems overwhelming to me, so I am going to try to do it longer than Smug-Hub did, and then take it day to day from there!!

I will post again in the morning to see how the rest of the day today goes. I have a class tonight, so it won't be like I can just go to bed early if I start getting too hungry! We will have to see how it goes!

Wish me luck people!!

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  1. I wish you luck! I look forward to reading about it. I have tried a few different cleanses. Stay Strong!