Monday, January 21, 2008

I Want To Close on My House!

I really want to get closed on the house and get moved! I am so apathetic towards anything else in my life right now! I remember feeling like this during the whole wedding planning thing, I just wanted to get going!! I remember that I wanted to enjoy the whole process, but toward the end, I just wanted to get past it and be married already! I want to get past all the paperwork and I want to get the place painted, I want to get all our stuff moved in and arranged just how we like it!

Once when I was younger, I was watching one of those home makeover shows. You know the kind, they find some person with a room that is so full of crap that they can't even get in the door, they help clean it out and then the show does some fancy decorating and organizing. Well, the guy from the show was trying to convince the homeowner lady that they should sell/give away/toss her collection of Barbies. The lady was protesting that these dolls were very important to her and would be worth a lot of money some day. The guy from the show pointed out that they would not fetch any price, because the boxes were crushed in places, they were all covered in dust and the cellophane was pushed in on most of them. He said to her "If you really love some "thing" that you have, it deserves a place of honor in your home, it deserves to have a home within your home." Now, I don't remember if she finally tossed the dolls or not, but his statement has always stayed with me. If you love something it does deserve honor. You must not love your clothes if you dishonor them by tossing them on the floor.

I had a talk with Smug-Hub this weekend about this very topic. I am constantly frustrated with the way that he treats his things. If I am honest, I am more upset by the way he dishonors our home by leaving his things everywhere. He honestly does not see clutter, he honestly feels that if he may, some day, look at a magazine again, it should live on the floor next the coffee table, and this really bothers me. I find messes uncomfortable; I get uncomfortable if my things are not where they belong. I am always willing to let people borrow my movies, but I get very concerned if they keep them for a long time. My dad has several, mom has a few and other people have some currently, and it is not that I don't believe that I will get them back (which has been a reoccurring problem, but from Dad? I don't think so), what makes me crazy, is that all my movies are in alphabetical order, if something is missing, then I either have to move things around to close the empty slot, or live with the empty slot. Both of these things drive me insane!

I don't know if all this makes me OCD or just strange, but I can't stay in a messy place long. For example, my dad's house. His wife is a pack rat, she keeps everything. Smug-Hub and I were over there this past weekend (she was out of town) and I was making dinner. There are lids without containers, containers without lids. There is food items in the same cabinets as bake ware. There was one cabinet of pots and pans, that was full of mouse droppings. When I pointed this out to Dad, we both cleaned it out and washed all the pots and pans. He told me that they had killed a mouse in that cabinet a few month's ago, and he was not aware that it had not been cleaned out. All the drawers are overflowing with bits of paper, pot holders, coupons, scissors, etc. I was about to lose my mind and I was only cooking one meal!

To tell someone that they are messy is to insult that person, and I really don't want to insult my father's wife. We have been making a lot of head way in our relationship since my dad hurt his back and I don't want to mess that up - but I am so sickened by this mess. I really want to wait until she is out of town next, fill up the back of the pickup truck and take a load to the dump!! I mentioned to dad that he never let me keep my room this messy when I was little, and he just shook his head and said "I have no control over this" It is not just the kitchen, every room in the house is this way. There is but a path through the clutter in the laundry room, things fall out of every closet and the garage has never seen a car!

Anyway.... I discussed all this with Smug-Hub and we agreed that he can go on doing whatever in the apartment, but once we have our own permanent home, we will find homes for each one of our things. We will honor both each other and our things! This would be another reason I really want to get closed on this house and get to the moving!! I want to get all my stuff back, both loaned out and the items stored in various places. I want all my beloved items to be home in their home within my home!

I know, I am a nut.... I just can't help it!! :)


  1. OMG...the way you describe your dad's house......those kinds of kitchens drive me INSANE. i would have refused to cook anything. i would volunteer myself to help her clean out all that crap!

    i cannot deal with mess in kitchens, laundry rooms or bathrooms. they MUST remain clean!!!

    but living room and bedroom? um...well...let's just say that i'm more like Smug-Hub!

  2. Ask Smug-Hub some time about what my place looks like, Smug. It's scary! A lot of guys really don't notice clutter--I don't know why that is tho.

  3. I actually understood that Utenzi - is that stange??