Thursday, January 24, 2008

TV - What Could Be More Important!!

One of my favorite Bloggers Virginia Belle was discussing the virtues of the DVR and it gave me the idea for this post. My love of all things television!!

I love TV, I did not have a TV in my home until I moved out of my Mother's house, as she felt that TV rotted your brain and was full of nothing but trash. Funny, she has a TV in her house now that all the kids are grown and have super large TVs of their own....

When I was about 4 I met my best friend and her Mom watched General Hospital, so we would watch it when I was playing at their house, so General Hospital and I have been good friends for many, many years. I still watched it to this day! That is not to say that I am proud of this fact, it is just that... a fact. They are my friends and I stick by my friends :)

I have been watching all 3 CSI's since they began airing and although the Miami version is the one that I like the least, I am loyal to the franchise.

I started watching Boston Legal since the middle of the second season and I think that it is the show that I look the most forward to watching each week!!

New this year, I have been watching Chuck, which I like a lot. Bionic Woman, which I think is OK, but may not bother with it if it comes back. Moonlight, which I really like! It is kind of a guilty pleasure, because it is way far fetched, even for a vampire show, but I like it a lot anyway!

Lastly, I am really liking American Gladiators!! I never watched it when it was on before (see paragraph above about Mom and the evil TV). I was really not looking forward to watching it this time, but Smug-Hub really wanted to watch it and I love him, so I was going to suck it up. I really liked it!! We have been watching each week, it I end up bouncing all over the couch with excitement as the contenders battle the gladiators and finally each other in the final event! It is beyond cheesy and there is one guy, Wolf, that keep howling and is god awful cheesy. They all try to talk trash to each other, but it comes out lame. The contender who cry's in the beginning will lose, that is just they way it is! I think that this show is just catchy and exciting and you find yourself really rooting for one person or another to win! It sort of makes me want to go to the gym and start working out and trying to train, so that I could compete if I ever wanted to. I don't want to, but if I did, I would be ready - I know I am strange!!

Other than I that, I have been watching everything about home buying, house remodeling, decorating, DIY stuff, etc. I am slightly obsessed with becoming a homeowner!!


  1. I love Chuck and really need to get my DVR hooked up to my new tv so I can watch this week's episode, Smug. I bought the first season of Boston Legal but haven't managed to get around to watching it yet.

  2. cant wait to see your new place!!!!!!