Thursday, October 21, 2010

8 Months

My sweet baby girl is 8 months old today and while I am not sure how it is possible, I love her more and more each day. I watch as she discovers her world and it makes me see the everything in a new light. She is pure joy!!

Smug-Baby is starting to explore her home. She is walking around holding onto furniture to get everywhere she can and has even walked her along the wall when there isn't something else to hold onto. She will sometimes get to the end of the circle of furniture and will stand there, holding onto the end table and "cry" to let me know that she is there and can go no further in her quest to get to me in the kitchen.

She is also lowering herself down now. She will be standing, holding or walking with the furniture and decide to sit back down and rather than plop down hard, she lowers herself into a sitting position, wiggling her butt ever so slightly until she feels the floor beneath her and only then will she let go of the table or couch.

Only once or twice now have I seen her go from laying on her belly into a sitting position, but she is getting there.

She has also started rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, but true crawling still eludes her. She still commando crawls and has even started to back herself up, so I feel like crawling is really close.

She is waving. She waves to everyone and even to herself. It really is the cutest thing!

She claps her hands together a lot. It started with trying to learn Pat-a-cake, and now she just claps. She claps when she is excited or happy and even sometimes when she is sleeping! That's right, sleeping. She was restless one night, so I got up to move her to the other side so I could nurse her on the full boob and she, with eyes tightly shut, whined a little and then clapped her hands three times before latching on and going right back to a deep sleep. It was too cute!

She has tried a few tastes of grown up food. First thing was a lemon, which she pulled off the table and a restaurant and loved! So, we tried watermelon and sweet potato and neither she liked much. I am thinking that maybe if I mash the sweet potato and mix it with from breast milk it might be more appetizing to her.

She loves it when mommy sings to her (I can't imagine why, I really can't sing), but it will stop her from crying when she is waking from a nap or unhappy about being in her car seat. I sing "You are my sunshine" I sing "Mary had a little lamb" and I sing "My Girl" most often. I have sang the Spongebob theme and Little Bunny Foo Foo on occasion as well as whatever happens to be stuck in my head from the radio. She seems to just like my voice and I just love that!!

She has times when she prefers daddy and other times when she only has eyes for me. In the mornings, if she wakes up before I leave for work, she wants to watch everything I am doing to get ready and daddy just won't do. Its sad because its like she knows that I'm leaving and wants me more. When daddy comes home from work, she wiggles and giggles and squirms until he gets up the stairs and she practically jumps into his arms.

She is my true love and the greatest thing that I will ever do with my life. I am once again so blessed and so honored that she chose me!


  1. I am so there. My baby is doing the rock back and forth on hands and knees too. I love my baby more and more each's incredible.

  2. Eight months is such a wonderful time. Enjoy it fully, it sounds like she will walk soon. Then your life will change. :)