Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

So, this will be Smug-Baby's first Halloween so we thought it was a perfect time to go out to a local pumpkin patch and pick out a nice pumpkin. First of all we had a super great time and will totally go again next year, but WOW it was freakin' expensive!! $20 to get in, another $25 spent on food (OK junk food, but kettle corn, funnel cakes and potato ribbons are hard to resist - and I did resist the deep fried oreos - can you tell we are in the south??), then another $20 for the pumpkins and some apples. Regardless, we had loads of fun.

We went with my sister and her family and her two boys had a blast. They played the rubber ducky race, slide down the "mine shaft" slide, rode on the cow train and shot the pumpkin blaster.

 I was almost eaten by a horse
 Smug-Sister and a sleeping Smug-Niece
 Smug-Baby didn't really know what to make of the tire horse

 Picking out a nice pumpkin - I see pies in our future!!

OK, what's this??

 Had enough fun, it's totally time to go home now!!

 It was a really great day and first Halloween / pumpkin patch trip to remember!!

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