Friday, October 22, 2010

One Tired Mama

I went to bed promptly at 9:30 last night and awoke to the grunts and wheezes that are my husbands snores. It was about 1am and he had forgotten to put his CPAP mask on again and was snoring as if his life depended on it.

Smug-Baby looked over at me and grinned. She too had been awoken to the sounds her daddy was making and now she decided it was time to play.

I poked Smug-Hub and he set about getting his mask on while I attempted to nurse Smug-Baby. She nursed a good while, but never closed her eyes. Once she had her fill, she thought it was high time daddy joined the party, so she pulled herself into a standing position using his mountain of a back and proceeded to smack him in the face until he gave in and took off his mask and smiled at her. She giggled and smacked him in the face a few more times for good measure.

After a few moments he determined, like I had, that she was up and had no interest in sleeping. He offered to take her to the living room to play and perhaps fall back asleep while I tried to get more sleep (since I did have to get up at 4:30 and it was now 2am).

They rocked in the rocking chair for a bit and I tried to go back to sleep, but having been awake for the last hour, it wasn't happening quickly. When I heard her crying to nurse again, I got up and took over. We nursed and rocked and rocked and nursed and finally at about 3:15 she was tired and fell asleep with her head on my heart.

I carefully got up and cautiously crept to the bedroom, opened the door as softly as I could. Smug-Baby's eyes flew open as the sounds of raucous snoring hit us full on. Daddy had fallen asleep, mask on and in place, on his back and the snores they were a flying!!

Warning Bad Words Below!!!

I kicked his leg and staged whispered "Roll on your God Damn Motherfucking back you Fucking Asshole!!!!"

His response was "What?" and he rolled over.

Smug-Baby is giggling again by this time and back out to the rocking chair we go. She did fall back asleep for good about 4 and I fell back asleep, hitting the snooze a few times until 4:45.

Given that I have been dealing with a terrible head cold since last Thursday with only marginal improvement to date, I feel OK this morning as I get ready to head into work. I feel kinda like a zombie, but once my 4 hours are done, I can find time for a little nap and perhaps I will feel even better tomorrow. Perhaps, tonight, I will put duct tape over the nose and mouth of my darling husband and finally Smug-Baby and I will sleep through the night....

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