Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Comfort and Style

For my birthday last weekend, my sister gave me a gift certificate to NY & Co. and this weekend she went with me to spend it. I found myself looking at each lovely item and judging if I would be able to nurse in it or how it would look with spit up on it or how it would fare if it stayed in the washing machine or dryer overnight.

I ended up deciding on a couple pairs of stretchy pants, a jacket to match and another jacket that felt kind of like suede. They are all comfortable and (I think) fairly flattering to my post-baby body. However, I hate that I still have weight to lose and until I do, anything beyond stretchy clothes are going to be tight, uncomfortable and unflattering.

Next we went to Motherhood Maternity and they were having a bra sale. I have been searching for a couple good (cheap) nursing bras. I currently have two that I have been wearing since before Smug-Baby was born and I alternate them with a few sports bras (that are way too tight) and some nursing tanks (also, tight and uncomfortable). I do like these nursing bras for the most part, but they really offer no support (I tried to do a dance aerobics video last week and OMG the bouncing was unbearable). So, I had the lady at Motherhood do a bra fitting and I tried on several bras. I found a sports bra and three "sexy" bras that I liked and seemed to be comfortable. I loved the way that my chest was finally where it was supposed to be and not hanging like udders at my waist, so I got all four (the sale was buy 3 get one free).

Granted I am sick with a particularly nasty head cold at the moment, but both yesterday and today I wore my new bras and again, love the way they look under my top, but it is a horrible torture device! The boning in the side is digging into my skin constantly and its so low cut that one girl or the other is always sort of falling out the middle and then it looks like I have four boobs!!

So, why did I think they were comfortable in the store? I should have worn them with the tags on so I could return them!!

Why the hell can't someone invent a bra that fits well, offers support AND comfort! Why must I sacrifice my comfort and be miserable to look decent? Why must I look at a chump to be comfortable?

Why can't I just wake up and be thin tomorrow and rich too would be nice!!

I can't wait to get home and take this horrible thing off and put back on my old unsupportive bra and try not to do any jogging or anything.

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