Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Baby's World

My daughter cracks me up! Seriously she is so funny to watch as she discovers life. The strangest things strike her as hilarious; for example, the slapping sound an open book makes when it is shut firmly is about the funniest thing she has ever seen/heard. She laughs every time, waiting intently for you to slam the book closed again. Also, the measuring tape when it is pulled out and the let go to thwack back into its case. She giggles and looks at you until you pull the tape out again and let it go.

She has total confidence in her surroundings, she has no fear when it comes to exploring her home. She commando crawls all over the house, checking out the cracks in the baseboards and that tiny piece of paper torn from an envelope. She has found things I never would have noticed, like that ever so small pebble brought into the house on someones shoe.

I know this may sound bad, but I like to watch her get frustrated. I like to watch as she gets herself somewhere, like under a dining room chair and then can't move forward and can't move back. I like to watch her try and try, turning this way and that, until she finally admits defeat and calls out to me to come save her. This will sound even worse, but I love her face when it is all screwed up crying pitifully at me. Her two little bottom teeth are shown off and since she rarely cries, it is kind of a different face for her. I love all her faces and I know that when she looks at me with those teary eyes and crunched up little face, she is looking up to the one person who she knows will help her. Even if it takes me a try or two to figure out what the problem is, she knows that I'm trying and will not cry unless I am really screwing it up :)

She has started to notice details, like in the last couple of days she has become fascinated by my eyelashes and will play with them, one fingered, until I pull away. She will play with the edge of a rug or the design in the blanket or someones shirt. She notices the difference between one color or texture and feel the need to investigate. I just love every second of watching her learn all about her world. She is so precious to me.

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