Thursday, October 28, 2010


So, I normally read Jennslvania on a daily basis. I think that Jen Lancaster is funny and silly and I love reading her work, both in book and blog form. So yesterday, I pull up her blog to find this post. Which links to this article in Marie Clare.

Basically Jen post is a response to the article in Marie Clare. The article is about the new show Mike and Molly on CBS. The show is about two people who meet and fall in love. The thing that makes this show different is that the two people are quite large. Now, I must state that I have only seen the first two episodes of this show, because it conflicts with something else I watch on Monday nights and also because I am trying really hard not to pick up anything new as my TV watching schedule is really full already.

The show seems to center around the fact that these two people are so fat, with fat jokes and them dieting and attending over eaters anonymous meetings. But also there are general funny sitcom-like moments that would be funny even if they were happening to a skinny person. I personally liked that these two actors, one of which is Melissa McCarthy, who I have loved since Gilmore Girls, were getting staring roles in a world that seems to only value the super skinny.

Now there is this article in Marie Clare, which was written after the author saw something on CNN about how gross it is to have fat people kissing on TV. The article is the opinions of the author and she is welcome to them, however this women is perpetuating the belief that in order to be a valuable person, one should be skinny. She talks about how is it disgusting to watch fat people do anything, like even walking around a room.

This poor woman is probably, like Jen said, obsessed with her weight and attaches her self worth to her weight. I feel sorry for her on that account, but she makes it sound like it is easy to be thin if only one would try hard enough.

Well, I am fat. Not huge, but enough that I am uncomfortable and enough that I know its unhealthy. I struggle with my food choices everyday and trying to find time to workout with a baby crawling underfoot is downright impossible. BTW - the last time I tried to workout, I was doing leg lifts and kicked my baby in the head when she crawled up behind me. Granted it wasn't hard, she didn't even cry, but I am don't want to workout unless she is sleeping.

I just don't know what the answer is here. I see this woman's point, that it is as unhealthy to be super fat as it is to be super skinny. I do think that cutting the processed foods and adding exercise to your life is a great thing. But, it's not easy and people do make comments about your weight in your presence and it hurts. Its hard to get motivated, to get moving, to make changes and the show (the bit that I have seen) seems to address that.

There is a scene where Mike is trying to shop for clothes for his first date with Molly and goes to the big and tall store. I know what it feels like to go into a store and start looking around and realize that this store doesn't carry sizes that will come anywhere close to covering your ass!

There is a scene where Molly is working out on her StairMaster and her super skinny mother and sister are sitting on the couch, (right beside Molly's machine) eating cake and talking about how the heavy cream and extra sugar have the made the cake so much better. Molly is tortured by the sight, smell and sounds of having this cake nearby and frustrated by the lack of support by her family. I too know what it's like to live with someone who is happy to eat whatever and encourages me to eat out and to have dessert.

Being fat is not healthy, we all know this. We are going to have issues as a society until shows like Mike and Molly are just about two people and not about two fat people. The show needs to balance the real life existence of being fat with the need to have the show be about more than just being fat - did that make sense?

I think that being fat is really hard. Its hard to feel tired all the time due to the extra weight. Its hard to see everything around you telling you that you should be thin. It's hard to pass by fast food when you are so hungry and time is short. It's hard to find time to workout, knowing that it will be hard and you will be sore after. It's hard to notice that guys don't give you a second look anymore. It's hard to look at yourself in the mirror and know that you had the power to change the way you look and chose to eat a cookie instead. It's hard to feel like you have blown Monday, so the rest of the week is a bust and you might as well eat another cookie.

I resolve everyday that this will be the day that I will eat well all day and this will be the day that I will find time to do that workout video. And every night as I get ready for bed, I look at myself in the mirror and reflect on how I did not eat as well as I should have and how I once again did not workout.

Crap, now I'm sad. Where are those damn cookies???

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  1. It's a hard change to make, for sure. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine if you ask me. If you tell someone they can't have any more sugar in life, they will FREAK OUT (in our country anyway). Why does sugar have that kind of power over us??
    One thing you'll find if you can get into a whole foods meal plan, is that when you do eat nasty stuff (like maybe what they served at the pumpkin patch...ha ha) you'll feel like hell afterwards. I mean physically feel tired and sluggish and SICK. It really makes you realize how terrible sugar and processed stuff can be for your body.
    Remember that making this change is NOT's a gradual change a best. Starting with removing all hydrogenated oils and High Fructose Corn Syrup from your life is a good first start. Read ALL labels or buy food that is fresh and has no label.
    When you need something sweet, have some 70%+ Dark Chocolate with a few pieces of dried fruit.
    If you focus on how much negative crap you ate today, of course you'll feel like you are failing. Instead, focus on what you did well. What did you eat today that was good? Did you replace your morning International Delight Creamer (with hydrogenated and corn syrup) with pure half and half? Well then, hell yeah! You are on the road to a healthier lifestyle! It takes time. Be patient with yourself. It will come, my love. It will come.