Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I used to be jealous of my sister because she got to be my nephew’s mommy. He is such a great, smart and super sweet kid and I love him so much. I used to think how she didn't know how lucky she was and I envied her to a large degree. I am not jealous anymore because now I get to be Smug-Baby's mama AND I get to be an important person in my nephew's life too!


I left my phone in the shopping cart at the grocery store this weekend and had to go back for it. Thank goodness someone had turned it in so no harm done. However, I did not tell Smug-Hub about it because then I would not be able to tease him about leaving his things all over town.


I don't like judgmental people, but I myself am judgmental! I hate it when others try to tell me their version of the right thing to do, when I know good and well that I am the one with the right answer...


I love my child so much that I might eat her! I want badly to nibble on her chin and chew on her cheeks. I want to take bites of her legs and have her toes as a snack. I love every inch of her body and soul and I love how she smiles when she sees me, hates when I leave her sight and if I lay on the floor, anywhere in the house, no matter what she is doing, she drops and makes a beeline for me and crawls all over me. She lights up when her daddy is around, but her favorite thing in the world seems to be, waking up on a weekend morning when both her parents are beside her smiling and full of kisses.


What do you have to confess? Come on, get it off your chest, you will feel better!!

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  1. I'm really judgy too BUT only about certain things. I don't always think I'm right persay (you sound exactly like my husband lol) BUT I sit there and think "pft, ok do it your way. You'll regret it" mainly though I'm like this with my 2 sisters. I think it's because I care about them and they screw up the most out of anyone I know that I care about. If someone who I don't love does stupid things I could care less. Doesn't affect me!