Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back Packin'

Most days, when I finally get home after all my jobs, errands, tasks, and to do's, a whole new list of stuff that needs to be done awaits me. Smug-Baby has been sharing her mama all day with Smug-Niece, with the grocery store, with the cell phone, with the car, whatever and all she wants is some concentrated time to play with me.

Some days I throw out my to-do list and crawl around on the floor with her, playing airplane, chasing her, tickling her, reading to her, anything that she feels like. There is lots of catch up nursing and running around the house involved and it is great!

However, there are a lot of days where stuff just has to get done. There isn't anymore clean underwear, all the dishes in the house are dirty and starting to attract teeny tiny ants, or we are simply hungry for a real dinner instead of chips eaten over the sink and followed by a glass of water you really aren't sure how long it has been sitting there. It is those days that Smug-Baby finds herself in the back-pack and getting a birds eye view to all the things her mama is trying to do. She is normally happy for a time, but gets irritated if the scenery doesn't change often enough (like say I am chopping potatoes, she gets real bored with that real quick!!)

The other day, I had taken Smug-Baby out of the carrier as she was just done with it, and let her play while I attempted to corral the mess in the kitchen. Suddenly, I realized that it was quiet, too quiet and had been too quiet for some time. I came into the living room and saw what she was up to. I ran for camera!!

Mr. Bear has become a favorite toy lately and she carries him around the house in her arms.

She carefully aims...

Just a little bit more...

He is in! He is settled! He is ready for a ride!

Now, she begins her part...

Carefully inserting first one arm...

And then the other. Just like mommy does.

Whoa! This is not working!

What am I doing wrong?!?!?

With a little help from an unseen (mommy) hand, she is in position!

Here, she is walking around the living room. I am holding the back end of back-pack off the floor so she can walk around. She would then stop, pull Mr. Bear out of the pack, hug him tightly (something I always do when pulling her out of the pack), then put him back in and repeat the whole procedure.

We walked Mr. Bear all over the house that night, stopping and starting 50-60 times easy before she was tired and began to whine. Then, I asked her if she was ready for a bath. She took off down the hall and banged at the closed bathroom door until I caught up with her! The ants had free reign of the kitchen while I took the time to enjoy this sweet moment in my baby's life with her. I did conquer them later after I put a happy, clean, sweet smelling baby to bed for the night!

God, I love my life sometimes!!

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