Friday, May 6, 2011

Stay At Home Daddy

Today Smug-Hub took the day off. He took the day off because I was working on my big quarterly project and it was finishing up today. I have been burning the candle at both ends for about two weeks on this project and I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off me now that it has shipped and I am finished.

Anyway, while I was stuck in the office, printing my little heart out,Smug-Hub spent the whole day with Smug-Baby. I left this morning at 5:15am and they were awake and playing in the bedroom. I heard later that they both did fall back asleep for a while and when they got up, they took a shower and got dressed. Then they headed out for brunch with some of our friends who are retired. They also took a long walk and played in the flower beds along the front of a restaurant before meeting up with me for lunch.

We ate at the Indian food buffet, which I love more than life and Smug-Hub likes OK. Smug-Baby actually likes all the spicy stuff, but a lot of it ended up on the floor! After lunch, I went back to work on my project and Smug-Hub took Smug-Baby home where she fell asleep in his arms.

While she was napping, he started laundry and washed dishes. I arrived home about 4 and tried to call into bed with her for a nap of my own, but she woke up! I hadn't nursed at all since 4:30-5 that morning, so I was really, really full!! She nursed a lot and then daddy joined us in the bed and she jumped back and forth between us both for hugs, kisses and lots of tickles!

We met up with grandpa and grandma for dinner and since I had eaten so much at lunch, I was good and had a nice salad. I then had to dash off to my first Photoshop class at 7. While I was in class, Smug-Hub took Smug-Baby home and let her play in the bath. By the time I got home, she was all fresh and clean and smelling sweet so I nursed her and she fell right to sleep. I laid her down and while I type this, Smug-Hub is rubbing my sore and tired feet. He is so good!!

He keeps interrupting my typing to tell me what a great day he had and how much he enjoyed spending the day with Smug-Baby and how much fun they had together. He tells me that as soon as I am ready to go back to work full time, he will stay home and be a full time daddy. I am so glad that he had such a good day, and I am not going to tell him that I'm not giving up my time with Smug-Baby anytime soon :)

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