Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swimming Suit Shopping

Today Smug-Sister and I have been discussing swim suits and how we are both in desperate need of a new one. I am currently using my maternity suit, but it is way too big on me since 1) I am no longer pregnant and 2) just that one reason!! It is also starting to show signs of wear, like when you hold it up to the light, you can see the thin patches. Which, by the way, is strange considering I only wore it twice while I was pregnant, maybe 3-4 times last summer and so far only 3-4 times this year. I guess they just aren't made to last!

Anyway, she was looking at this one and while it is really cute, it is $55 and back ordered until July. Who wants to wait until July for a new suit?? There is this one that she likes OK and it is also $55, but available now. So, order the one you really like and wait months to receive it, or order the one that you can get shipped out to you right now that you don't love...

I want to try some on before I buy, so I really really don't want to order one and wait until July for it and then hate it, but the thought of trying to go swim suit shopping is daunting for two reasons, 1) I will have a toddler with me, who will undoubtedly run away from the dressing room while I am struggling to get into/out of a suit that is horribly unflattering and I will have to chase her around the store half naked and will, of course, run into an ex-boyfriend or ex-friend!! and 2) it is hard on the ole' self esteem to try on suits that are tight and show off all the weight that one still needs to lose...

So, tomorrow, if I can get some decent sleep tonight, I may venture out and test the swim suit waters... maybe not.

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