Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So, have you guys heard about Groupon yet? You sign up online for your city and everyday you get an offer in your e-mail. Sometimes its $5 for $10 worth of food at a restaurant, sometimes its $109 for 6 laser hair removal treatments (which is worth like $1,200!!) I have bought Groupons for massage, pedicure, photo books, and canvas wall prints. Its really cool for yourself and an awesome gift for others!!

Anyway, I thought today I would give you a review of my recent experience using one of my Groupons for a pedicure. It was at Polished by Claire V. in Roanoke VA and it is a really nice nail salon. You come into a little shop area that has bags, wraps, jewelry and other little things for sale. Then you get to the receptionist. The day I was there, the girl working the desk was very obviously better than everyone else and it kinda set the mood and tone.

She wasn't rude, but she did have a air of snooty and it was a turn off. But then I met Brooke who would be doing my nails and she was lovely! When you get there you pick out a scent and then your water, scrub and lotion is all infused with that scent. I chose White Tea and Ginger.

I relaxed while she clipped and filed, buffed and scrubbed for almost an hour! An hour people!! Mom had both the babies in the stroller and was walking them around the market area and I figured I would be 20-30 minutes tops! She told me later that she kept trolling by to see if I was finished yet, but I never saw her cause I had my eyes closed, enjoying every moment!!

I chose a sparkly purple nail color in honor of the upcoming Easter weekend and was really happy with the result. I left feeling pampered and pretty!

Of course, Smug-Baby promptly stepped on one of my big toes and smugged the polish, but it was in her attempt to get into my arms for a great big hug, so how can I be sorry about that?!?!?

Overall, I would highly recommend Polished and Brooke, but if you go in, just ignore the snotty, better-than-you receptionist. After all, she isn't why you are there!!

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