Friday, May 27, 2011

iPhone Pictures

I have gotten into the habit of sending Smug-Hub pictures of Smug-Baby throughout the day while he is at work. It gives him insight into our day as well as giving him something to show around to his co-workers!

Sometimes I feel badly when I send him one of us doing something fun, like playing at the pool because I feel like he will be sad that he is missing something fun. So I try to send him pictures when she is not having fun too, so he gets the whole picture :)

Here is a sampling of the shots that I have captured over the last few days along with their caption that I sent to Smug-Hub when I texted them to him. Enjoy!

She walked herself all the way down the house from the garage. She can hear the dog in Foley's backyard!!

Feeling the grass on her toes and bare butt!!

Hi Daddy! We are going for a walk!

I let all the water out of the tub daddy!

Mom! Fill it back up for me!!!

Good Morning Daddy, have a good day at work!!

Dog! Dog!

I'm driving mommy home!

Pool water and pretzels, life doesn't get better! Miss you!

One tired girl!!

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