Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

I overheard two women talking in the grocery store last week. They were obviously friends who hadn't seen each other in a while and had just bumped into each other by chance. They hugged and asked how the other was doing. Then one asked the other what she was doing for Mother's Day.

She replied that her husband had been given notice of the bracelet she wanted and "he better make sure it happens!!" She then said that what she wanted most for Mother's Day was to spend the day at the spa and let him take care of the brats for the day. The first woman nodded and agreed that she too was planning on having a day "off" from motherhood; that her parents were taking the kids overnight and she was going to have brunch with friends and see a movie.

They seemed really happy with their plans for the day and as I was leaving the aisle to continue my shopping, they were saying their good-byes. I was struck by this conversation and I have actually heard a lot of comments like this from other mothers.

I personally didn't want to be away from my family on Mother's Day, they are, after all, the whole reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day!! Without my husband, Smug-Baby wouldn't have been born. Without Smug-Baby, I would not be a mom! Why would I want to spend this special day without those who have made it possible?!?!?!?

The whole weekend was just lovely. It seems like we have been moving at a breakneck pace for a long time now, starting with Smug-Sister's move and then Easter and then this Special Project at work along with Gramps finally moving in with Smug-Sister. The whole family has been stressed out and wired and had far too little sleep.

I don't know if anyone else feels this way about it, but I was able to totally recharge this weekend. Saturday was a busy day running errands and cleaning the house and doing all the yard work. Smug-Hub and I worked together and got everything done with time to spare! So, we used that time to go to a wine and chocolate tasting at a local wine shop. It was small and cozy and they only had 4 sample wines to taste, but they were good and we bought two of them!

Then we were off to dinner with the whole family at our favorite Indian restaurant to celebrate Smug-Sister's birthday (which was almost a month ago, but as I said, its been crazy!) After dinner we all went back to my house for cake and gifts. I got her a Groupon for a canvas wrapped print and a set of latte mugs and she appeared to really like both! She also got a massage gift certificate from Smug-Grandma and we ate large slices of strawberry cake with cream cheese icing and drank a bottle of wine!

I also gave my Mom and sister both their Mother's Day cards and a small gift to show them how much I love and appreciate them. It was a really nice night and Smug-Baby fell off to sleep about 15 minutes after everyone left and Smug-Hub and I had some time to talk and catch up.

Sunday morning he took me to breakfast where Smug-Baby ate slices of banana and spit out every bite of oatmeal we tried, even the ones after I put some brown sugar in! I had an omelet and several biscuits (more than I care to admit here!). After that we went home and Smug-Baby took a long nap and I had some time to work on downloading items to out new laptop and transferring the iTunes library and so on.

When Smug-Baby woke up Smug-Hub took her to run a super secret errand and I was left with the remote all to myself. It was strange to be home alone. I didn't have to latch the baby gate. I didn't keep going into the bedroom to check on her. I watched what I wanted to watch on TV and folded some laundry and that was it! It was nice, but after about an hour, I texted Smug-Hub and told him that I was lonely and wanted my family back!

They came home and Smug-Baby napped again for a bit and Smug-Hub and I talked and he told me that we were having dinner at Olive Garden which is the place we ate for most of our dates and is kinda our special place. We actually ate there the night before Smug-Baby was born! To be honest, I was still full from all those biscuits, but he had this whole Mother's Day thing in is head and wanted it to be special, so off we went!

After dinner, we were both stuffed and after getting Smug-Baby ready for bed, we both crashed too! It was a full day, a happy day, a restful day! I got to spend my special day with the people I love most in the world, so it was the best Mother's Day ever!!

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