Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AC... or Lack There Of...

I came home today exhausted. I walked into the house with the diaper bag over one shoulder, my work bag over the other. I had the mail in one hand and a shopping bag from Bed, Bath and Beyond in the other. Oh and did I mention a child who has not wanted to be put down all day?

I struggled up the stairs and into the main house where I could deposit all my bundles (minus the child) on the kitchen table. I was sweating. I noticed that it was way too hot even given my exertion and went to check the AC thermostat. The thermostat wasn't one, like no numbers on the display. I fiddled with it, turning it off and back on and whatnot. Then I went to the garage to check the breaker box and flipped a few of those off and back on (yes, I made sure they were the ones labeled AC - you have no faith in me people!)

Finally, I determined that I was not going to be able to fix it. Dad is out of town and Smug-Hub wasn't due to get home for a couple of hours so I called my next door neighbor and he came over to see if he could fix it. 

After replacing the thermostat and playing with the breaker box and AC unit itself he pronounced that he was not able to fix it and gave me the name of a guy he used for his AC repair. I called the number and the voicemail told me that "Henry" wasn't available, then the nice lady on the message informed me that Henry's voicemail was full and not able to accept any new messages. 

Then I called the company who fixed it last year and their line range about 3 times before the call dropped. I called again and this repeated about 5 times until I gave up. Did I mention that I was sweating and trying to hold a sweaty, crying, clingy baby this whole time AND trying to fix dinner???? I was feeling the stress!!!!

This is all after a day where I spent the afternoon (again with the clingy baby) pre-shopping for bedding for the new bed. Smug-Hub is going to join me tomorrow after work to try to pick out the bedding and I thought that since I was finished at Smug-Sister's early it would be a good idea to narrow down the list of places we thought might have something we would like. I ruled out J.C. Penny's, Marshall's and Target, but found things that I liked at Macy's and Bed, Bath & Beyond. I also found some sheets on sale at BBB so I picked those up, thinking that if worse came to worse and we couldn't find something we liked, at least we would have sheets!!

Smug-Baby spent the shopping trip alternating between running off on her own throughout the store and wanting to be held. I put her in my ring sling and that kept her happily connected to me while I shopped, but it didn't last but for two stores, then she wanted to get down and run around the displays and throw pillows around! Fun stuff!!

I made Pad Thai from Pea's and Thank You and it was really, really good! Even Smug-Hub was impressed. He said it had too many veggies in it, which I kind of think is funny considering it is a veggie dish and he would have liked chicken instead of tofu, but he ate seconds, so I think all in all it was a hit!

Once we got the fan blowing and some windows open, I cleaned up the kitchen and am typing this up now while daddy and baby play on the floor. I hope that I can get in touch with the AC guys first thing in the morning and get this fixed right away! I hate being hot, it makes me sticky and cranky and much less patient than I am normally.

Oh well... So, how was your day?? 

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