Friday, August 5, 2011


I was folding laundry last night and Smug-Hub had taken Smug-Baby outside to "help" him water the plants. I heard the garage door close and them moving around downstairs. Then my heart went into my throat and I went still listening. I had heard something fall or smack. I knew the sound before I knew what had happened. There was no crying, I thought maybe I was imagning things, then I heard her gasp for air and the scream came next. Smug-Hub was calling to me and coming up the stairs even I moved around the couch to get to her.

To my paniked eyes the whole side of her face looked bashed in and the large purple lump was already visible. I took her little pain riddled body in my arms and rocked her and mermered softly to her while I got her positioned and myself free and her latched on. She nursed and pulled away to cry more and then nursed again. Smug-Hub had run to the freezer for some ice and by the time he returned she was calmer and even pulled away when we applied the ice to her head, which now we could see was just bumped and not bashed. I think that between the panic and her face contorted from pain and the terrible lighting in the living room, it just looked worse than it was.

Once she was calm and nursing and the ice had done its work, Smug-Hub explained that she had tripped over the vacuum cleaner and while she put her hands out to catch herself, the momentium had carried her face right into the concrete of the laundry room floor. We both felt sick to our stomach's and called our friend who is a retired doctor and she told us that babies are bendy and made to withstand falls like this. We both called our mom's for double reassurance too, but by then Smug-Baby was playing happily in the bath and Smug-Hub and I almost collasped from the sudden depletion of all our adrenaline!

I'm so glad that she is fine. It was really scary...

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