Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bed Delivery Issues

As I have stated before, I am obsessed with my new bed purchase. I called hh Gregg on Monday and was told that my bed was in their warehouse but they didn't deliver on Tuesday or Thursday, so it would be Wednesday when they delivered my bed. I was told that I would be called Wednesday morning and they would give me a 3 hour window in which to expect them.

Wednesday morning dawned bright and Smug-Hub and I were so excited that we were almost unable to sleep the night before. As the morning ticked by and the phone didn't ring, I grew concerned. I had Smug-Sister text her friend who worked there and he sent a text back saying that the bed wasn't in stock and would not be delivered. He was supposed to have someone call me at 9:30 that morning to explain.

By 10:15 I felt that I had waited long enough. I called and just told them that I had a delivery scheduled for today and no one had called to let me know when to expect them. She says that it was a really funny story, but only the mattress was in and they hadn't realized that when she had told me it was in and scheduled the delivery. I told her that we had dismantled our waterbed in preparation for the bed being delivered and would be sleeping on the floor until they were able to deliver the bed and what was she going to do about it and when, for the love of God, would I be receiving my bed?!?!?!?

She put me on hold and another manager got on the phone and proceeded to tell me that this bed is the number one selling bed in America right now and Serta only manufacturers to order and he didn't have any idea when the base for my bed would be delivered. I explained that I was assured that my bed was in stock when I purchased it and also if Serta makes to order, why would they have made a mattress without a base? I told him that we would be sleeping on the floor and the bill for the bed was due on Friday; that I would be making payments for a bed that I didn't even possess. He never once said he was sorry for the situation, offering only to contact his buyer to see if they could give him a better date for shipping.

Finally, I told him to deliver the mattress today so we would have somewhere to sleep until they could figure out where the base was and when it would arrive. He said that he needed to talk to his delivery team and would call me right back...

By 1:00pm, I was really pissed that I hadn't heard back from him, so I called Grand Home Functioning’s on the off chance that they would have one in their warehouse. The salesman I spoke to was very nice and told me that they had 5 in there warehouse and could deliver anytime this week. I asked him about delivery on Thursday and he said that was fine. He also told me that they had the bed on sale for the same price as hh Gregg, offered free delivery (truly free delivery, not delivery that I had to pay for up front and be sent a refund check 6-8 weeks later like hh Gregg) and the same 24 months no interest. I was sold!

I called back hh Gregg and spoke to the manager from the first call that morning and told her that Grand had the beds in stock and could deliver the following day so I wanted to cancel my order with her and purchase from Grand. She said that was fine and she would process my refund and it should show on my card within 7-10 days. She never apologized for my inconvenience. She never offered me a discount on something else to get me back in the store. She never offered me anything to try to keep me from canceling my $2,300 order!! NOTHING!!! I had been feeling kind of bad about canceling since they work on commission and I have enjoyed everything I have bought from them in the past, but after that... Not anymore!

I arrived at Grand (with both the girls I might add) and met up with the salesman I spoke to on the phone. He showed me the bed, but since I already knew what I wanted, we moved quickly on to the credit application and processing of the sale and setting up the delivery for tomorrow. Again, they are supposed to call in the morning to let me know when to expect them and I am a little once-bitten-twice-shy on believing that it will actually happen, but everyone at Grand was super nice and they even gave each of the girls a little stuffed animal.

So, as I prepare for bed tonight, I am cautiously excited that tonight will be the last night without my new bed. The last night of waking up with a headache and backache. The last night of feeling like I am going to roll onto the floor from being squashed! We will see if they actually call...

Here's to hope!!

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