Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Am I Crazy?... Don't Answer That

Smug-Hub and I have decided that we would like to expand our family and now seems like a really good time to make that happen. There are financial reasons and due date reasons. There are age issues and cuddly baby desires. We know that we want more than one child, and have decided that we need to get moving, because if it takes us another 2 years to get pregnant, like it did with Smug-Baby...

Then I have a day like today. That started at 9:30 Sunday evening when I went to bed. I was already feeling a little sick from all the junk food eaten throughout the day and maybe Smug-Baby was too, because she was all over the place all night long! She tossed and turned and rolled and flipped and flopped and scooted and wiggled all while staying firmly attached to me! So much so that she soaked through 2 (yes TWO!!) diapers during the night. She didn't stop nursing all night long. I felt sick to my stomach from the junk and lack of sleep. My mouth was dry and my head was pounding. Needless to say, when the alarm went off at 4, I sent an e-mail to my boss and tried to get back to sleep. I think that I slept from about 5 to about 7, but other than that I was up all night!

Then it was time to start the day. I made breakfast and got laundry working. I cleaned up the kitchen and took a shower with Smug-Baby and got us both dressed and out the door. I arrived at Smug-Sister's place and learned that her husband and driven all night long to get home from his trip and was just as, (or more) sleep deprived as I was. The girls seemed tired by about 11:30, so I took Smug-BIL to return his rental car while the girls napped and I ended up back at my house about 12:30.

I worked on laundry and fed the girls lunch and had some myself. I folded laundry and played with babies until about 2:30 when they both were acting tired again. We did some butt changes and headed out the door again. They napped until almost 4 when I returned Smug-Niece to her family and headed home.

I was so tired that I couldn't comprehend dinner, so I picked up food from Chipotle for Smug-Baby and I before heading home to finish the laundry and change the sheets on the bed. Smug-Baby seemed like she was on a hair trigger, everything upsetting her. She knows that she is not supposed to play with the electrical cords/plugs, but did anyway which, besides from the electrocution danger, also unplugged my clock, so I had to re-set that and the alarm settings, so I put her in a time out for about 15 seconds but that was enough to upset her so badly that she was crying hard enough to cause her to gag and choke! It was crazy!

She is in the bath now and rather than playing she is fussing. She isn't grabbing her mouth much so it doesn't seem like teething. Her diapers seem normal, so it doesn't seem like her belly is upset. She could just be tired from the rough night last night I guess. Let's just hope that she goes down early tonight and sleeps soundly!!

Its days like today where I am so tired and so stretched that I wonder if I am totally nuts for thinking about having another baby... I remember being worried about how I would fit having a baby into my already overly busy life when I was trying to get pregnant with Smug-Baby and I have adjusted pretty well. Also, I think that you do what you have to do, so I know that I will rise to the challange and do just fine with two, but still...

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  1. There will always be 'days like this' no matter what is going on in life. We always feel that way when our routine gets jostled and upset. You've learned to be a 'one armed wonder' when the situation warrants it, and to get 2 toddlers to sleep at the same time! You've learned how to shower, poop, cook, even mow the lawn with a baby attached to you. Invention IS the mother of necessity, and YOU are the mother of Mary (and perhaps another!?). Take each day as it comes, and know you WILL have the strength to make it through ANYTHING that comes your way. God gives us this crazy strength - even if it feels like one more day of it would make you crazy.