Thursday, August 11, 2011


So, I am running behind on my list of tasks, its Wednesday night and I haven't gone to the grocery store yet (Tuesday task) and I didn't complete Wednesday's task of deep cleaning the bathroom yet and the diapers are still in the dryer and it doesn't look like I am going to finish tonight.

It's late. Its almost 10 and Smug-Baby is all ready for bed and having some time with her daddy before I drag her off to sleep with me. We spent most of the day at the house with Smug-Niece waiting for an AC repair guy, but I did use the time wisely and between playing with the girls and giving them snacks I did work on deep cleaning the bathroom. They helped a lot by unrolling the toilet paper and emptying the contents of the trash can one item at a time and helpfully distributing it all over the floor. It was really hot and they shared two full sippy cups of ice water throughout the day.

The AC guy didn't show, but I wasn't totally expecting him either. Here is that story: We noticed that the AC was out on Tuesday afternoon and after my neighbor was so kind as to check it out for me and give me the phone number to his AC repair guy, it was too late to get a hold of anyone. So, first thing this morning I called the people who fixed it last year. The woman on the phone was snippy and gave me a hard time about having to "work me in" because I didn't have a service contract with them. She said that Thursday would be the soonest they could get to me and she didn't have a time of day and couldn't have him call me before he headed over. She basically told me that I would need to stay in my 1,000 degree house all day and wait for the guy to arrive. I agreed finally, but when I hung up I called Henry (the guy my neighbor told me about) and he was very sympathetic and said that he would try his best to get to be today, but if nothing else he would be by first thing Thursday morning. I appreciated that he seemed to care that it was hot and I have a baby and didn't want to hang out there all day waiting for him.

Regardless, I knew that I wanted to be close if he was able to make it to today, hence the steamy bathroom cleaning with two "helpers".

I left to take Smug-Niece home about 4 and spent some time hanging with Smug-Sister and Smug-Grandma and we sang happy birthday to the sweet girl before I headed off to do the bedding shopping with Smug-Hub. Smug-Baby had a great time running around and jumping and flopping on all the bedding displays and we went to all the stores within the mall to get an idea of what each other liked and ended up back at Macy's to get the first one we looked it. I like it a lot, but I'm not over the moon about it. The one that we really loved and was super soft was actually just a comforter cover and those things are total crap (the comforter falls down with any movement and then you end up with a bunched up comforter at the bottom of the bed while you are shivering under thin fabric - its crap!!) AND it was $400 for two pieces of fabric sewn together!!!!! it was really pretty and soft and comfortable though :(

We ended up with this and it is soft and comfortable and I like it. It is not too "girl-y" or too masculine and we are happy with it. I am really excited about the great sheets I got yesterday so that makes up for not being totally in love with the comforter. We also got some King size pillows that we were on sale and then went to the buffet for dinner where Smug-Baby ate her weight in mashed potatoes and spit out all the bites of broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms we tried to sneak into her mouth.

Then it was home for a nice, hot, sticky bath and bedtime routine and I am sitting her, fingers sticking to the keyboard, sweating. All the windows are open and the fan is working on cooling the bedroom, but it is going to be a rough one folks...


Henry called about 10:30 waking me from a dead sleep. He apologized for not making it over and plans to be at our house at 7:30 this morning. I told him he was wonderful and went back to sleep. When I woke up this morning about 4, I was still hot and sticky so I just got up and got into the shower. After I was ready for work, I had some time before I needed to leave, so I took the opportunity to finish a few tasks in the bathroom. Now when I get home today, I need only to clean the sink and mirror, wash the light fixture, and wipe down the walls and baseboards. I still need to hit the grocery store at some point and wash all the bedding to get ready for the bed delivery, but all that is totally doable between today and tomorrow!! Back on track - this is what happens when your goals and tasks are manageable and your house is staying (sort of) clean!!

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