Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I don't really have much to write about today. My car started messing up again today, doing the same crap it did the weekend of the wedding. Losing power and only being able to go about 20 miles per hour. I called the Saturn dealership and they tried to put me off, saying that they only had one technician working today, and that I would have to wait. I told them that the car was under warranty and I had already given up a day waiting for them to fix this same problem. He said that if I wanted to bring it out, he would rent me a car, that I could use until they got time to look at/fix my car.

They put me into a Ford F-150! It is freakin HUGE! I am not normally intimidated by large cars/trucks, but I have a hard time getting into and out of this one! It has like no turning radius, so it is really hard to park! When my husband found out what rental I had, he lost all train of thought, apparently, girls in big trucks are hot! He was babbling on about big trucks, and tank tops and sunglasses, etc... Dude, it's cold and dark out, what are you talking about??

I got busted big time too. After I went though all the car stuff and I was heading back to work, I was so hungry that I started feeling really shaky and all low blood sugar and stuff. I knew that I had veggie soup at home, but it was going to take me 30 minutes to get there and I really needed to get back to work. Then I saw it! Krispy Kreme and the "hot" sign was just glowing at me!! I stopped and got 2 original glazed and ate them on the way back to work.

After I had been back at the office for a while, my husband calls me up. "Did you go to Krispy Kreme?" "Um... yeah..." from me. "I can't believe you! You did not bring any for me??"

Someone we work with had seen me pull into KK and asked Smug-Hub when we had gotten a blue truck - I was so totally busted! Now I am going to have to go home, put on a tank top, some sunglasses, and pick up donuts before I can pick him up from work!!!


  1. That is too funny!

    You should totally play up the trucker girl thing...

  2. Make the man happy!

    I had to drive one of those huge monstrosities & you know how short I am....it was rather comical!