Monday, November 5, 2007

I Am Such A whiner :(

I have this ongoing issue with my sweet and loving husband! He constantly falls asleep on the couch at night, coming to bed at all hours of the night/morning. First problem with this is that I keep waking up when he is not there and should be, (funny, when he is out of town, I never wake up wondering where he is...) secondly, if he comes to bed by about 1am, I don't normally even notice, I don't wake up or anything, but if it is after that when he wakes up cold and with a neck cramp and comes to bed, he wakes me up. I think that my body is coming out of its deepest sleep by then, I usually hear him coming up the stairs or in the bathroom and then he often bashes a toe while on the way to actual bed. I am fully awake at this point and usually have to pee. By the time we are both back in bed, he falls asleep very fast and within about 45 seconds is snoring LOUDLY! I have trouble getting back to sleep, and normally lay there in a half sleep until the alarm goes off. Then I have the worst time dragging myself out of bed and into the shower.

This morning we were supposed to go to the gym, we set the alarm for 4:45am, this would allow is 15 minutes to get clothes on and such, and be at the gym about 5:15-5:30, workout for an hour, shower and be at work about 7:30-7:45. Smug-Hub came to bed at 3:15am, he went to the bathroom first and the light woke me up. He then proceeded to wrap his extremely cold feet and legs all over me - I had to pee... I lay there half asleep until 4:45, he asked if we could workout on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week. I agreed, and then lay there unable to go back to sleep until the normal alarm went off at 6:00.

I am already fighting with major PMS this week, but I am really pissed! Not only was my sleep messed up, the whole week got off on the wrong foot. Now, I totally realize that I could have gone on to the gym without him, but I was soooo tired!! This morning, my eyes hurt and feel dry, and I feel achy all over - this is the normal reaction that I have to a lack of sleep. If the deprivation is enough, I will feel sick to my stomach also (not so far today yet).

The icing on this you ask?? I start my first MBA class tonight, with a teacher that I have had before. The class is from 6-10pm tonight!! While most teachers attempt to end class about 9pm or so, this teacher will keep the class going until the very end and then some! He is never done until 10 or 10:15pm! By the time that I get out of class, pick up Smug-Hub and get home it will be after 11. THEN he wants us to go to the gym? Get up at 4:45am?? I am not feeling the love people!!

I have asked him in the past that if he falls asleep on the couch and when he wakes up, ready to come to bed, if it is after 1am - just stay on the couch. Let me sleep! This would only solve half the issue as I wake up all night anyway looking for him, but it would help some. He keeps forgetting that and coming to bed!

What should I do here? Talk to him again? That really has not worked, as is evidenced by his continuing behavior. Yell? Write him a letter explaining all my feelings? Divorce? OK, not divorce, but I am really tired and feel like crying. Tonight is going to suck ass, and there is nothing I can do about it. Tomorrow is going to suck ass, if I go to the gym, I will be even more tired all day. If I don't go to the gym, I will feel guilty all week that I let another week go buy without trying to get rid of this weight that I have put back on. Lose, Lose for me - My OCD side is whining that the whole week has been messed up!


  1. Sistah, I feel your love! Mr. T falls asleep on the couch, too. Lucky for me though, he doesn't too often. But when it does, it drives me NUTS. He will leave a light on and the tv on. I will wake up, not feel him next to me, and proceed to the living room. And he is one cranky boy! But the next day he complains about how tired he is, or how bad his back hurts. Thankfully it doesn't screw with my sleep pattern too much, except for the fact it wakes me up for a little while.

    I think you might need to talk to Smug-Hub about how it really screws you up when he doesn't come to bed. Maybe he needs to set an alarm in the living room in case he falls alseep out there.

    Do you two carpool? I was just wondering. I get up at 4:45 every morning and head off to the gym. I shower and get dressed, and get all my stuff gathered before I leave (5:30), but before I head off I have to turn the bathroom radio and light on to start the waking up process for Mr. T. He is a grouch in the mornings, so I like to be gone before he even wakes up!

    But on the flip side, I go to bed super early...sometimes before 9! Which I know isn't an option for you, but maybe you could find a way to go to the gym or get out and go for a walk on your lunch hour.

    I wish you luck. If you need some support, I am here for you. You newly married woman to another!

    Keep you chin up and good luck. You can do this!!!

  2. Thanks for the advice! I am going to talk to him in more detail tonight. Yes, we do carpool - we work for the same place! I will think of something!!!

    Thanks again for the support!!

  3. Tag team style sleeping doesn't do a body much good, Smug. I hope that y'all can work that out. Lack of sleep can really get tempers short.

  4. Ipods are wonderfully little tools...have you tried that for drowning out the snoring?