Sunday, November 4, 2007


Why is it that I am never clumsy accept for the week before my period? I hardly ever bend my fingernail back. I hardly ever dump the trash all over the yard when I attempt to put it into the outside trash can. I never have trouble making the bed, dropping the sheets, tucking the bed skirt into the mattress. I never never fall down the stairs. I never scrap both sets of knuckles in the door jams while carrying the laundry basket. I never cut myself while shaving my legs. I never drop food on the floor while cooking..... except..... for every month during the week before my period.

I also have the longest fuse on my temper, except during this week when I am irritated at everything! I mean everything!! I can't stand people driving in front of me, or behind me. I get so mad at the major lack of customer service EVERYWHERE! I see red when Smug-Hub leaves his shoes on the living rooms floor - he does this everyday, only during this week does it really bother me.

On the up side - I did clean out two boxes of junk in the spare room. I have changed the linens, and am working on the laundry. I have completed all of the homework that I needed to do (although it took many more hours than I was thinking it would). I planned menus and did the food shopping. I made pumpkin bread and Smug-Hub is currently in the kitchen getting his pork in the oven to go with the vegetarian meal that I am going to make. Overall, it has been a very productive weekend, even if I have been causing myself bodily harm due to all my clumsiness.

In the morning, we are heading to the gym - all part of the "we are now adults" life plan!


  1. Thank goodness I left the PMS behind, but somehow I don't think my clumsiness was from that...just an errant gene.

    Hope the work out went okay!!

    Great DC picture btw--thanks for the contribution.

  2. I agree with Sassy. That was one helluva picture!