Friday, November 16, 2007


I like Friday's! I get paid for one thing, and each paycheck that I receive I pay off or down some credit cards, I make sure that we have a place to live, food and gas for the car - you know the normal life stuff. I normally eat out for lunch on Friday's, most of the time with Sassy, but today with Smug-Sister. She was not feeling well, but it was still nice to see her!

I also got my car back from the shop this afternoon - they did nothing! I am serious! The CD player was messing up and they have ordered another one, but it is not in yet. The power loss issue they were unable to replicate, so they checked and reset all the computer/sensor codes and are hoping for the best. I am just glad to have my own car back! That huge truck was costing me a fortune in gas - $70 in 3 days!!

Today was also cool, because Smug-Hub and I got pre-approved for a home loan and we set up an appointment with a realtor for tomorrow morning! We think that we can afford about $150,000, but would like to keep it closer to $135,000. I don't want to hike our housing payment by so much that we pass out when we receive the first bill!! I also want us to be able to pay more on the principal each month too, so having a smaller payment gives us that option!

Smug-Hub's mom said that she would give us about $3000 to help with a down payment, and the mortgage lady suggested that we negotiate with the seller of whatever house we want to pay the $3000 needed for closing costs. Then, we would only need to come up with about $900 on our own to make up the rest of the down payment needed.

She also told us about this rebate thing that GMAC is offering, where if you used an approved realtor, they will give you $3 back for each $1000 that you borrow. After closing we will get a check for roughly $400 (this, of course, depends on what we end up paying)! They also assign you a consultant to help answer any and all questions that you have throughout the house hunting, bidding, buying and moving!

This is all making me way happy and excited! I have spent most of the evening looking at what is for sale in all the areas of town that we want to live in. There are 17 houses that I think we want to look at! That is a lot!!

Anyway, I love Friday's!!

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