Sunday, November 18, 2007

House Obsessed

I have become completely obsessed with buying a house. We met with the realtor yesterday morning and he gave us MLS print outs for about 27 houses that meet our basic criteria and price range. After we left there, I took Smug-Hub to meet the guys to do some fishing and went to Wal-Mart and then home and did my homework for school on Monday.

I then went through all the house listings and printed out directions for each of them and organized them by zip code, then I organized each zip code into a logical driving order. This way we can take one zip code and drive in a logical pattern to check out each house in that section. A bit OCD, I know, but I am who I am!

After all this, I picked Smug-Hub up and we had enough day light left to check out about 3 houses in one area. We liked 2 of them and took the third off the list. That one said that it had a fenced backyard, what they have is about 8 feet of fenced dog run! The house butts right up against the mountain - no real back yard to speak of!

We then went to my Dad's house, he has hurt his back and has been in bed for the last 4 days. He had an MRI that morning and will get the results on Monday to see if he needs surgery. We wanted to visit and give him a change of pace. We stayed there for about an hour. My step-mother said that our visit was the most chipper and upright he had been all week. She said that he has been really quiet and whiny and the visit really cheered him up.

When we got home, I played on the house buying website and updated the notes on our tracked listings. Smug-Hub slept! We went to bed about 11pm and I woke up this morning and have been watching the GoScoutHomes channel for the last hour and a half! I can't stop talking, thinking, watching, etc.. when it comes to houses!!


  1. I think this is awesome. I am so excited for you two, and I don't know you.

    I just know how exciting the first house is. Even a year later I still look around our house and feel so blessed. It is OUR house (okay, maybe only the little corner where the dust bunnies live is really ours) the rest is owned by the mortage company!

    And you should feel lucky that housing prices are so low where you live. A mid price house here in SW Colorado is $340,000?! Crazy.

    Good luck with your house hunt. Be sure and post some pictures for us.

  2. Buying a fun can be a lot of fun. The only drawback is how big a decision it is. But it sounds like you're taking the perfect approach, Smug. You sound like me! I had that OCD approach too.

    Have fun with your house hunt.

  3. OMG--I have two friends alike in that respect??? Heaven help me.

  4. oh, and she is from richmond. didn't know if i told you that already.

  5. buying a house is a big decision, but it is SO much fun!!! i wish i could go with you. i like looking at houses so much, i have thought about being a real estate agent!

    saw that you are in roanoke. my mom went to hollins! small world.....