Friday, November 2, 2007

Yesterday's Post - Work and Stuff

I got this all done yesterday and then forgot to hit the "publish post" button - I think it is the blond in me! Anyway, here it is again, or first, or whatever... also, an update - I did not spend my lunch break yesterday as I had planned, so it falls to today's lunch break... :(

I have been putting in a ton of hours the last couple of weeks, we are finishing up one fiscal year and starting a new one, we are gearing up for the peak selling season (Christmas), having board meetings and auditors coming in and all kinds of employee programs, and planning the Holiday party!

This has turned into a ton of extra hours and late evenings. My husband is also busy as he is deep into the spring pre-selling for his accounts. We have hardly seen each other and nothing has gotten done either around the apartment or had time to go to the bank to work on the house buying project.

I am also starting the MBA program on Monday and I have not been able to force myself to do the reading that I need to do before the first class. I need to get a copy of the Wall Street Journal so I can cut out an article on something HR related - it has to be the physical news paper, not something online, as the teacher wants us to be reading the whole WSJ each day. HOW IS THAT FUCKING POSSIBLE????? I don't have time to read the new Janet Evanovich book for fun, how am I supposed to read an entire news paper everyday?? Maybe it will be really interesting and I will totally retract this post later! I have to spend my lunch break today finding a copy and, of course, we don't have any kind of book store on this side of town, so I have to drive a good 20 minutes to even have a chance of finding a copy.

On a positive note, I did attend a seminar on mortgages given by the local library last night and I learned a ton of stuff about credit and credit scores and how the process works and everything! Well, I am sure it is not everything, but at least I feel a lot more ready to take on the process than I did before!

Also, yesterday was Halloween and I went by Smug-Sister's house to check out my nephew - see these pictures as he is too cute for words!!

See you all tomorrow!!

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