Friday, November 9, 2007

The Down Side of Christmas

Well, it is official! I was in Barnes and Noble on November first and heard the first Christmas song of the season playing on their overhead system. Wednesday (November 7) I saw the first Christmas commercial on TV. That was the beginning, the first sign of a crack in a foundation. Now the flood has broken loose and Christmas has attacked in full force! People have already put up lights in their yards and on their houses, the stores are full of decorations and sales.

I normally love Christmas, but in recent years it has just bombarded me and assaulted me at every turn for so many months before the actual holiday, that I end up dreading it! This year, my family is drawing names and most of my gifts will be given from the pool of Wedding pictures anyway, so the gift giving thing will not be too stressful. I love the food aspect of the holiday, I love the cooking and the eating and the being with family. I love the midnight mass on Christmas Eve, the candles and decorations, the music, etc.

I guess the only thing that I dislike about Christmas is the commercialism - all the attacks of Christmas everywhere you turn. It starts too early, sometimes even before Halloween!! I know that everyone talks about the "True Meaning of Christmas" which is fine, but no one seems to do it. I am Catholic, but still not an overly religious and I don't care if you associate Christmas with the birth of Jesus or not - the true meaning of Christmas to me is about love and family and taking time to be with your loved ones. I love this concept - but being bombarded with what you have to buy drives me nuts!!


  1. Amen to that sistah!

    Thanks for the awesome lunch & "whine" btw!

  2. This is just way too early to have Christmas marketing aimed at us. Jeeze.