Thursday, November 15, 2007

Favorite Things!

I really could not think of anything to bitch about today, so I thought that I would try to be positive for a change!

I love cold weather, I love being warm under a blanket while it is cold all around. The tip of my nose is cold, but the rest of me is warm and toasty.

I love waking up without the alarm, like on a Saturday. I turn on the TV and watch something on HGTV or the Food Network and get hungry. I listen to my husband snore and stay warm and toasty. I know that he will wake up soon and we will cuddle and talk before getting up and heading out to get some breakfast!

I love coming home from work and curling up on the couch to watch something funny on TV with my husband close to me. We make some dinner together and just spend time with each other.

I love eating! I love fresh hot bread. Hot, sweet coffee with steam rising off it. Pasta with cheese melted all over it. I love thick, dark chocolate, creamy and slightly bitter. Those nachos that you can get at the movies, all salty and cheesy. Notice that I have not mentioned much that is healthy :)

I love my family! I called Smug-Sister today to let her know that our Mother had made it safely to her family's in Florida, and my nephew answered. He is 4, so he kept asking who it was and when he finally figured out that it was me, he could not understand why I was walking in the wind (which was causing noise on the phone line). It was actually funny and made me so thankful to have him in my life!

I love comedy. Stand up is my favorite, I normally fall asleep to Comedy Central at night. I tape and watch certain people over and over! I quote funny lines at inopportune times.

I love thinking about and planning for buying a house! I think about almost nothing else. I watch the news to find out about the changes in the housing market. I play with the amortization chart, changing interest rates and purchase prices. I look at our finances and play with possible house payments. I can't wait to get moving - literally!!

There are more things that I love, but I think this is enough for today!

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