Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have really fallen down on the posting lately! I have been relaxing throughout the holiday weekend and then crazy busy with work and school since. Posting has not really been of that much importance!

My wonderful husband and I spent a good amount of time over the holiday weekend getting some deep cleaning done in the spare room. We tossed 3 bags of trash and took 2 bags to Goodwill. We also boxed up leftover wedding stuff, school stuff, wedding gifts, and other misc. stuff and took it to my mom's attic for storage. Now we can actually use the spare room, Smug-Hub has a place to try flies and Will can actually sleep in the bed when he spends the night!

We have also made the picture choices for the wedding album and sent them to the photographers. We spent some time playing with the budgets to try to account for everything. Then we decided that on paper, we can afford a certain dollar amount in house payment, it is time that we see if we really can. We currently pay $525 in rent and think we can afford $1,100 in a mortgage payment. We are going to take the $1,100 and pay the $525 in rent and put the remaining $575 into savings. This way we not only save money, we get used to coming up with this much larger payment each month. We have decided to wait until January to start this, and let us get Christmas out of the way.

I called each of my credit card companies and asked them to reduce the APR on my accounts - all but one of them did!

My mother has decided that I am going to have twins! She has talked about almost nothing else since she returned from FL this afternoon. She s even making 2 cross-stitch thingy's - just in case! The other thing she has decided, is that I need to start trying to get pregnant right now, like tonight! She keeps pointing out my age and how upset I would be if I never could have children. I know that she is not meaning to scare me or pressure me, but I feel scared and pressured anyway. Oh well!

So that pretty much updates things!!

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  1. Wow! you have been a busy girl!!! Looking forward to spending the day with you tomorrow.