Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Crazy Continues

So, Sunday night Smug-Baby was restless and nursing a lot. Then suddenly she threw up about a gallon all over herself, me, the bed - everything! I got her up and in the shower to clean us off while Smug-Hub changed the sheets and we all went back to bed. I felt dread thinking that perhaps we had picked up the bug that my poor friend had been struck with on Friday and every time Smug-Baby moved or made a sound the rest of the night I was awake. Needless to say, when morning rolled around and I had not slept any I decided not to go to work. By this time I was feeling queasy and was worried that I too was coming down with the bug.

Smug-Baby however seemed fine and was her normal self. I was supposed to start my new job, which is that I am going to be caring for my 12 week old niece while Smug-Sister goes back to work. I called and explained the situation and Smug-Sister said that if I felt up to it she wanted to take the chance and still have me come over. I did and it was really hard to keep both babies happy. Smug-Baby is not used to my sister’s house or sharing her mama and Smug-Niece wanted her mama and not me. I did end up taking them for a long walk, Smug-Niece in the wrap and Smug-Baby in the stroller and they napped and I got some exercise.

Smug-Sister was only working a half day and after she was finished, I went home and Smug-Baby and I slept some more. By the end of the day, I was feeling more normal and Monday night we all slept fine.

Tuesday morning I went into work for my 4 hours and then to my sisters to watch the babies again. Tuesday was much better, Smug-Baby seemed to be getting used to being around the other baby and not having her own toys and such to play with. I again, took them for a walk, but noticed that I was really tired and the walk was super hard. I thought that this might has been because I was wearing my shape up shoes, and because it was also kind of windy, cut the walk short.

After Smug-Sister finished with her half day, Smug-Baby and I went home and she went down for a nap and I had some lunch. After I ate, I started feeling really sick. I know it wasn't the food since it was pasta that I had just made the night before. I decided to lie down, but almost immediately had to get up and use the bathroom. It was then that I knew I was sick. I called Smug-Hub, but got no answer. I called my mom and she headed over. Then I got a text from my husband and could only text "sick" back to him before I started throwing up.

I was worried that Smug-Baby would be upset to see her mama in distress, but with each heave, she would laugh so I guess she wasn't all that traumatized! It wasn't until after when I was trying to clean myself up that she seemed to pick up on my distress and cried and cried. I was too weak to pick her up and so I just lay on the bathroom floor and tried to nurse her and calm her as best as I could.

When my mom arrived, she and Smug-Baby played while I brushed my teeth and went to the bathroom again and again. When Smug-Hub arrived home with Ginger Ale in tow, he put me to bed and took over with the baby. It was a restless night by all and all day Wednesday I was weak and kept having to use the bathroom, but I didn't throw up again which was nice.

Now it is Thursday morning and I am up and on my way to work. I feel like a normal person who was just beaten up with a bat. I am just really weak and sore, but I know that the virus has left my system and I am on the mend.

Now, Smug-Hub is complaining of cold and soreness and feeling weak. The good news is that by this weekend, we should all be threw it and be feeling better :)

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