Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wild and Wacky Weekend

My weekend started with a phone call from my friend. She has in the hospital with dehydration from a stomach bug and needed help with her son, who is a few days younger than Smug-Baby. I drove over to the hospital and picked the little guy up and got them both home and upstairs, but then T-Man started to be really upset. My guess is that he doesn't know me very well and he knew something was up with his mama. I finally got him happy with some apple sauce and when Smug-Hub got home from work, he took on the task of getting T-Man to sleep. I took Smug-Baby and got her ready bed and by about 10 both babies were sleeping soundly.

It was decided that my friend and her husband should stay with us upon her release rather than get the baby up and into the car at 1am, but that involved running around at midnight getting fresh sheets on the guest bed and finding clean towels and something for them to sleep in. In the process, T-Man woke up and Smug-Hub rocked and bounced the little guy for a couple of hours until he was finally back to a deep sleep. His parents arrived about 2 and everyone finally got to bed.

Saturday morning, we left the poor sickly family sleeping to went out to visit with some friends who were in town for a visit and had a nice lunch. I loved all the men playing video games, talking and playing with all the kids, while us women folk sat around and talked about our birth experiences and child rearing. I have been wanting to be part of these talks for about a thousand years!

Saturday night, my parents and my aunt and uncle came over and I made the Pioneer Woman's Braised Short Ribs and they were a huge hit! It was nice to be with family, but the sleep deprivation of Friday night caught up to me and I went to bed with Smug-Baby about 10!

Sunday morning we went to the local armory to await my cousin's arrival. He has been in Afghanistan for the last 6-7 months and recently was injured (concussion), so the whole family has been on pins and needles to get him home. My aunt and uncle drove in, my parents were there, his girlfriend was there along with her parents and Smug-Baby, Smug-Hub and I made up the welcoming party.

He was the first off the bus and made a beeline for his girl, picked her up and swung her around is a tight hug. It was like in the movies and a really powerful moment. I hadn't realized just how much I had worried about him until I finally was able to see him in person and get my own hug. I am so proud of him and so happy that he is home and safe and in one piece!! I am also really really happy that he is not going to have to go back!!

That evening was Smug-Baby's first Halloween and we got her dressed up and went door-to-door with her cousins. She seemed beat by all the excitement and we went home and got her to bed early!!

It was a great weekend all in all. I am sorry that my friend is still feeling badly, but I am so happy that my cousin is home and it was a perfect first Halloween!!


  1. I wish my halloween had been so nice! We just put the baby in his little costume, took a few pictures, and the had to recuperate in bed!

  2. OH wow look at that sweet baby girl. She looked adorable!