Monday, November 8, 2010


I am going out of my mind with desire. I have big lust that cannot be quenched. I need it, I have to have it, I can't live without it...

The Canon EOS Rebel - what did you think I was talking about??? I want this camera so much!!! I look at the pictures that I am taking with  my point and shoot and am so sad at how they are turning out. My baby girl's first year is passing by and I have hundreds and hundreds of pictures and only a handful are what I would consider good. My current camera has such a slow shutter speed, that whatever cute moment is happening has long past by the time the picture is taken. I'm serious, you press the button to take the picture and a good 3-5 seconds passes before the picture actually takes. It sucks :(

I even tried to convince my husband to apply for a Best Buy credit card in his name alone so that he could build his credit. This is actually true, he doesn't have any credit in his name alone and needs to, but if I'm honest, my reasoning is truly selfish.

The thing that makes it hard to swallow about purchasing a camera that is the better part of $1,000 is that I know next to nothing about photography. I fell in love with my photographers who did my wedding, pregnancy pictures and are doing baby pictures for me, so I know that I love their work, but that is about the extent of my knowledge - liking pictures! I have been looking at books on photography, but most of them need you to actually have a camera before you can apply the lessons.

I would be happy with a refurbished one I think, but I don't know of any reputable dealers online and don't know of dealers locally, so I'm researching on that too. I am also thinking that I will look for a local class on photography, but again, I sort of need to have a camera before I can attend.

I was hoping to maybe ask for cash for Christmas and be able to get it then, but I don't want Smug-Baby's first Christmas to pass with crap pictures!! I want to get it now, have a bit of time to learn how to use it and then be a full on pro by Christmas! A bit ambitious you say?? Well, that's why I need to get it NOW!!!!

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  1. I am totally drooling over the same camera! I can not wait until tax return so I can order mine!