Friday, November 5, 2010

Way Too Early

My baby girl is sleeping. Now... We all went to bed last night about 9:30, cause we were all tired and still getting over being sick. My sweet baby girl nursed all night long and switched sides like four times (normally, she wakes once about 3 and I switch then). Finally, about 2:30 this morning she was done with sleep and was ready to play.

Since I had to get up in a few hours Smug-Hub took her into the living room so I could sleep. About 10 minutes later he brought her back to bed where she promptly woke right back up. We decided that since he was still coming out of being sick and I probably wouldn't be able to fall back asleep anyway I would take over and let him get some more sleep.

She and I played with her toys and she nursed some more and then she climbed up into my lap in the rocking chair and fell asleep. Now it wasn’t a deep sleep, so I kept rocking and singing softly to her and finally I was able to lay her down in the bed. It was 4:15, exactly 15 minutes before I needed to get into the shower. I was totally sleepy and her warm, soft body was so nice in my arms, it was really hard to leave her sleeping and go get into the shower, but I knew that if I lay down with her, I would never get back up and go to work.

That is the worst thing about working; leaving her in the mornings when she is all soft and cuddly and happy. I love the weekends when we all wake up together and she smiles at first daddy and then me, like she is so happy to see us both and she keeps looking from one to the other like she can’t believe her luck to have us both there to play with.

I look forward now to the day, because in a few hours I will be back home and have her back in my arms and because tomorrow we will all wake up together!!

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