Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting Wet

So, yesterday mom and I decided to take a walk with the babies. It was a little cloudy and a bit cold, but we bundled them up and tucked blankets around them and off we went. I needed to get TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein - a meat like substitute) and since ALL our local Kroger's have all discontinued it, the only local place to purchase it is the Natural Foods Co-op. This is fine because my sister lives about 15 blocks or so from the Co-op, so we headed off in that direction.

Just as we completed the last block before getting to the store, I felt a rain drop. Mom suggested we hurry to get the TVP and back on the road before the rain hit. I rushed to the bulk food section and looked for the bin containing the TVP. After scanning all the bins a couple of times, I made myself slow down and start looking at each one. I was missing it. After reading about half the bins an employee passed and I asked her. She pointed out the bin - EMPTY!! Oh god, it was empty!!! I asked her if there was any prepackaged or any bulk in the back and off she went to check. Turns out, they are completely sold out!! No prepackaged, no bulk, no delivery until AT LEAST Thursday!!!

We walked all that way for nothing!!! Well, not nothing. I am slowly trying to collect all the speciality ingredients I need for some of the delicious looking recipes in my new BabyCakes cookbook, so I purchased some brown rice flour, because I was determined for the trip not to be a waste, and mom purchased a Tofurky roast which was on sale and we headed out the door. Only to find it was full on raining!!

We decided that since it was just a light drizzle we would just walk really, really fast and get home. About 5 blocks into our home trip, the rain started coming down harder and got even harder about 2 blocks later and we were officially soaked to the skin. The babies were mostly covered by coats, blankets and the cover to the stroller, but they were still getting wetter than I would have liked. Smug-Niece slept through the whole thing and Smug-Baby kept looking around and enjoying being outside, the rain didn't seem to bother her at all. Smug-Sister called and told us she was on her way to get us. We told her we were fine, but she insisted and a few moments later she pulled up. We made a dash of getting the babies, carrier and stroller into the car and drove home.

I feel badly that I got everyone wet because I wanted to make a meatloaf recipe this week. I feel even worse that we all get soaked to the skin and didn't even come away with the damn TVP!!

Besides that little adventure, Monday was pretty good. I did wake up this morning thinking it had to be at least Thursday because no way was yesterday just Monday!!!

This week is going to be good though - tonight we are having dinner with my cousin and his girlfriend and tomorrow we are having our pictures made for our Christmas card. Then it will be Thursday and Thursday is nice because the next day is Friday and then it will be Friday and then it will be the weekend again!!!

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