Monday, November 29, 2010

I Have It!!

So I have it in my hot little hands! I purchased the Canon T1i Rebel I got a bundle so it came with two lenses, a camera bag, a filter and an extra battery. I had a $10 coupon and they price matched the camera bag so it was even less. I also charged it on their store credit card so there is no interest for 24 months!! I was very pleased with my purchase!

Since I got it Wednesday afternoon just hours before heading out of town for the holiday, I have only had about 23 minutes with the manual, so I have only learned how to get the memory card and battery installed and how to use the auto mode. But I plan on spending some quality time with the manual this week.

So the following are a few of the over 300 pictures I took over the holiday!

 Mama and her baby girl (taken by Grandpa)
 The sweetest face ever
 Having fun with Grandpa
 My favorate of all her smiles
 Loving on daddy
 Big hand, Little hand
 Checking out her uncle's teeth
 My Smug-Sister - Lovely!
 Caught the smile! Never would have happened with the old camera
 Looking at daddy with love in her eyes!
 Catching action is my favorite part of this new camera
 Tell us how you really feel!!
 Playing with Grandma
 Learning to walk
 Quality Control!
 Helping her cousin fall asleep
 Hanging with Smug-Grandma

Keep in mind that these are all with the auto mode and I don't know anything out editing yet either, but I'll get there!!

Tomorrow will be a recap of the Thanksgiving holiday and the weekend!

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