Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today is Going to Rock!!

I watched my baby girl have her first encounter with stairs yesterday. She didn't actually climb them, but was starting to explore them and toy with the idea of how to get where she wanted to go. She was actually very enamored with her uncle yesterday and he was painting in the stairway, so she was inspired to think about ways to get closer to him.

As she moved about Smug-Sister's house yesterday I took several pictures with my iPhone and used different applications to make them look fun. It made me realize that more than ever I need to get a really good camera, because I love shooting her, capturing her little faces and movements and I am missing so much with crap cameras that can't keep up with her ever moving, ever changing little self.

On that front, I talked to my friends who are photographers and they use Canon's in their work and mentioned that Nikon's sometimes have issues of not working or not lasting but not enough that they would recommend not purchasing a Nikon. They also warned about purchasing too much camera for what I need. A shutter speed of 3.7 vs 3 isn't going to make that much difference for the kind of shooting I will be doing. Also, I talked to some people at the local Photo USA and they said that unless I plan on printing poster size images (and I doubt that I will, even though my baby girl is lovely enough for many posters), then the megapixels don't need to be huge either and can end up having a diminishing return since the more megapixels, the larger the image and the harder it is to e-mail, upload, etc.

So, I am back to looking at all the options. I want to make sure that if I am going to spend this kind of money, that I am making the best choice possible. I want something that will grow with me as my knowledge increases, but not be too much camera for me or be hard to learn how to use.

I also checked online for local classes and the only one that I can find is through the community college and is $400!!! Yikes! I think that I'll take my chances with a couple library books first :)

Today is my day "off" Smug-Sister doesn't need me and Grandpa is out of town, so after I leave the office I am going to get my oil changed and maybe take a drive to HH Gregg and see if they have a couple of these camera's on display that I can mess around with. After that it is home to clean up the house, sync my iPhone, catch up on holding my baby in the rocking chair and maybe some laundry!! Today is going to rock!!

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