Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My mother will hereto forth be referred to as Smug-Grandma. She informed me yesterday that she didn't have a Smug name on this blog, everyone else had a Smug name, but not her and she was totally right. I didn't lump her in with all the other Smug people in my life, because she is in a class all her own!!

My Mom is my hero, my confidant, my teacher and my friend. She looks out for me, is always there for me, loves deeply and always helps when she can. She has taken on the role of grandma with relish and I watch her relationship with my nephew and how they are buddies and they have their "things" and I love that! For example, every year since my nephew was a baby almost, they have made gingerbread boys together at Christmas. I overheard them talking yesterday about how it was almost time again and how they had lots of work to do because he wanted to make one for his teacher and each of his classmates at school.

I never had that kind of close relationship with my grandparents. I loved them and was happy when they visited, but most of the time they brought a gift, so that might have also played into the affection I felt. I never stayed with them overnight without my parents there (both sets lived out of town). We never read together, played together, went to plays or shows, nothing like that. Smug-Grandma does all those things with both my nephews and I know that she will do all those things with Smug-Baby and Smug-Niece!! I wish that I had gotten to know my grandmothers in that way and now they have both moved on so forming something as an adult is not possible.

Anyway, here's a toast to Smug-Grandma. You are official, you now have your blogger name!! Welcome!! I love you!

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