Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Yesterday was much better than Monday. I did not get caught in construction between leaving work and getting to Grandpa's. Smug-Baby slept the whole way there, so she was not hungry or crying or anything. We got in and out quickly at Grandpa's and I made it to my sister's house by 10:47. Smug-Niece was pretty good all day and I took both girls for an hour long walk on the greenway (thus the sore throat seems to be back - oh well) and they both slept a bit.

I took an alternate route to Grandpa's after leaving Smug-Sister's place at 5 and made it there with about 3 minutes to spare before he was heading down to dinner, so that made it a fast visit too. Everyone in the retirement community starts to swarm about Smug-Baby as soon as I walk in and they all love my ring sling and since almost her whole body is contained within, there is less touching of her hands and face. I also think that with her so close and almost like she is part of my chest, people are less inclined to get too close. But the attention is nice and it is helping Grandpa to stand out a bit. People remember that the cute baby comes to see him I guess.

I got about 5:45 and watched 2 1/2 Men while Smug-Baby tried to wake up (she napped again on the 15 minute drive home) then I started making pasta sauce and washed a load of Grandpa's clothes. I cooked the pasta and some french bread and had everything ready when Smug-Hub arrived. We ate dinner and they played while I got most of it cleaned up and packed my diaper bag for the next day and stuff. Then we all rolled around on the floor and tickled and laughed and were a happy family until about 8:15. Smug-Hub had to take a fishing rod to a friend and I got Smug-Baby and I ready for bed. She wasn't really interested in sleeping at first, and my throat had started feeling raw again (it was fine all day, but started feeling bad again as soon as the sun went down), so I had a cup of hot tea and she played. Finally at 9:30 she fell asleep in my arms and off to bed we went.

She woke at midnight and I switched sides, then she woke at 2 and I switched sides again. Then she woke at 2:30 and I had to pee like no tomorrow, so I jumped up to run really fast to the bathroom and she began to scream. Smug-Hub woke up and took her out of bed and bounced her while I tried to make my full bladder empty faster (not possible BTW). When I got back to her, she was too awake and unhappy to sleep.

I asked my darling husband to take her to the rocking chair, but he just looked at me until she was again so upset that I just got up with her. We went to the rocking chair and she nursed and fell back asleep. When I went back into the bedroom, the love of my life had fallen asleep wrapped in all the blankets, with no CPAP machine one, directly in the middle of the bed. I kicked him in the head.

We woke up, but so did Smug-Baby. So I told him to get his ass on his side of the bed, get his machine on and I would be back. We did the rocking chair thing again and by about 3:30 she was finally deeply asleep. I went back to bed, and his ass was still in the middle of the bed. At least the machine was on and we wasn't hogging all the covers. I managed to get Smug-Baby in the bed and us covered and than the jerk had the nerve to rub his feet on me (he likes this as it is kind of a mini foot rub while falling asleep), I kicked him and then for good measure I pinched his arm. He jerked and knocked Smug-Baby in the head with his elbow - so Karma got me on that one - it must not have been hard because she didn't stir, but I felt badly anyway.

I figured that I wouldn't fall back asleep, I would just lay there for a bit and then get up and maybe start a load of diapers or something. The next thing I know the alarm is blaring in my ear. I feel angry at my husband, because he is still sleeping and I am all ready to leave for work. It's not like I can nap during the day with Smug-Baby anymore, he knows this and still let me get up with her while he slept. I want to cause him physical harm when he does this kind of stuff.

However, today should be good. Smug-Sister is bringing the baby over to my place so I can wash diapers and Smug-Baby can have some time in her own home with her own toys and hopefully her regular nap schedule. Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out and today is an improvement over yesterday which was a great improvement over Monday, and tomorrow will be an improvement over today!!

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  1. That made me laugh out loud! Sometimes hubsters just don't get it! At least not in the time frame we need them to get it in!