Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The dictionary defines obsession as: the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.

I am officially obsessed with this whole camera thing. To the point my darling husband asked me very nicely to "shut the hell up about the damn camera already" I think about it all the time. I dream about camera's (and vampires, but that could be because I have been watching the first season of Vampire Diaries on DVD).

I spend a lot of time online looking at the reviews and prices and deals and reviews and prices and deals over and over. I want to make sure that I have chosen the best camera for me and am not going to spend too much. Most of all, I just want the damn thing already!!! I want to know how to use it too, it is going to be hard to get the camera and not have it make wonderful pictures right out of the box. I know it is going to take some time to learn how to change the settings around to make what I see in my minds eye come out in print.

I see it, you know, all the time I see things happening in my life and I see what an amazing shot that would be, if only I had the camera and if only I knew how to set the camera to capture what I want to capture.

I am going to get the camera this weekend. If I get a really great Black Friday sale wonderful and if I end up getting it at the current sale price and the price goes down closer to or right after Christmas - Best Buy says that they will honor the lower price and refund me the difference. Best Buy is also offering no interest on their card (which I have) for 24 months, so as long as I pay it off within 2 years (and let's face it, that is totally doable), then I really am getting the best deal possible.

I figure if I get it on Black Friday or over that weekend, then that will give me almost a month to learn as much as I can about the camera and how to use it before Christmas and I really want to capture some really wonderful memories of Smug-Baby's first Christmas. That sounds fair right? Now, if I could just stop obsessing and give my poor family a break from the constant discussion!!!

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