Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 Months

Dear Smug-Baby,

You rang in your 10 month birthday with joyful giggling and rolling around the bed. Your daddy kept saying your name in an attempt to get you to calm down and find sleep, however, this simply caused more giggling and wiggling. You spent the first hour of your 10 month birthday playing and watching cartoons while your poor parents sat looking on with bleary eyes wondering how you were awake with so much energy at midnight! You finally nursed to sleep and stayed that way about 12:30 and your parents sighed with relief as they were finally able to surrender to sleep themselves for a few short hours until the alarm went off signaling me to get up and get ready for work.

Happy 10 month birthday my love!

So, what's new with Smug-Baby this month?

She is standing on her own for longer moments and has even taken a few falling steps toward me or daddy. I have a feeling she will be walking in mere moments!

She has bit me a few times and when I yelled at her to not bite, she laughed, it was a fun game and let's do it again! That was horrible, but she hasn't bit me in a few days, so maybe we are past it (fingers crossed).

She is learning more and more. For example, when she sees Smug-Grandma and grandma is holding her and says "Upside-down baby" Smug-Baby will grip her tighter as she knows the dunk upside-down is coming. Smug-Sister taught her to find her nose and other's noses. Smug-Baby will not do it on command every time but every now and then she will give in and point to her nose or mine or smug-sister's.

She waves and says "hi" to people all the time now. Its not a bending finger wave, more like a parade wave and she waves at everyone. People in the retirement community with Gramps lives, people in the grocery store, the dogs, kids, people on the TV. It's is totally cute and everyone melts when she waves at them.

She is walking/pushing this little toy down the hall and back. Smug-Hub and I will each take an end to help her turn around and she will go back and forth forever!! She giggles the whole time, it is so much fun.

She has also found a way fun game, which is pushing toys, keys, shoes, anything she can find, under the baby gate and down the stairs. We find all sorts of items on various steps and she gets frustrated if the item does not bounce all the way down - it's super fun!!

She still doesn't like sharing her mommy with Smug-Niece, but I think that she is getting better about it and doesn't try to smack her in the head as much any more. She still wants to crawl, putting all her weight down, on Smug-Niece's stomach, face and anything else in order to get to the toys, or mama. She gets very upset that I will not let her do this and cries and wiggles.

She has also started arching her back to flop backwards. She does it for fun but also when she is upset and this has resulted in a few close calls. She hasn't been dropped yet, but its been close - there is not warning!!

She has eaten a few more items. She like beans and has taken the "leaves" from a floret of broccoli and seemed to like that. I have tried pears from the baby food collection and she likes that OK, but only in the last few days of watching some other babies eating and I have to take a bite first before she seems to understand. Binky's are still number 1 and she starts smacking my chest and pulling at my shirt when she is hungry. She still makes that cute "I'm so excited about my Binky's" noises when she hears the bra flap snap. It's too cute!

She had her first fever this month. It lasted about 6 hours one evening and I just nursed her through it and didn't give her any chemical medicine, I just let her body take care of itself. That was the extent of the head cold for her that her daddy and I have been fighting for the last several days.

Her 5th tooth broke the skin this week. I am so proud of her for going through the pain and annoyance of cutting these teeth with such dignity and grace. The 6th tooth seems very close to breaking through.

Her first Christmas fast approaches and Santa is one freaky dude!! Besides the Santa visit where she was sleeping the whole time, she has screamed and cried at each Santa she has seen. I thought that perhaps by exposing her to several Santa's through the holiday he would become less scary, but alas, not - maybe next year!

I woke this morning channeling Jeremy Piven from Grosse Pointe Blank going "10 months - 10" I can't believe that my baby is in the double digit months now and only a matter of weeks from being a whole year old!!! I noticed a picture that Smug-Grandma has of her from Easter and I hardly recognize her. Was she ever that small?? Where did this last year go? I look at my nephew who is turning 8 next month and remembering when he was Smug-Baby's age and I start to hyperventilate that I am going to do a slow blink and my little girl will be all grown up.

We were watching Shrek last night and I remembered how when he was Smug-Baby's age he loved that movie and then trying to get my head around the fact that this movie was that old.

Thank you Smug-Baby. I'm having the time of my life and I owe it all to you!!


  1. oh i love it. Hooray for babies. They are what make our hearts beat! :)

  2. I can't believe she's already 10 months old! Yay!