Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Last night when Smug-Baby was in the bath, I decided to grab the camera and snap a few, but by the time I got everything together she was really ready to get out. As you can see:

Today, we took the babies to see Santa at the library. Smug-Grandma took the boys (my nephews) last year and it was really nice without all the crowds and lines and expense at the mall. So before we left, I took a few shots of Smug-Baby playing with Smug-Niece.

Although I didn't get any pictures of it, there was a funny/sweet incident that I have to tell you about. I needed to run back to my house to get some pills that Gramps needed, so I bundled the girls up and loaded them into my car and off we went. When we got to my house, I let Smug-Baby play and I left Smug-Niece strapped in her car seat (because she was happy there) while I used the bathroom and gathered up the stuff I needed. The seat was covered with one of those covers that keeps the baby warm - all you could see was Smug-Niece's little face through the hole. I noticed that Smug-Baby was playing near the car seat and even pulling herself up on it and talking up a storm to her little cousin.

Then, Smug-Niece began to be unhappy confined, so I unzipped the cover to find a red ball, a beaded necklace and a jar of peanut butter all hiding in the confines of the car seat with the baby. I figured out that Smug-Baby had been showing her cousin all her cool and favorite toys! So Sweet!!

So, back to Santa! When I got to the library, I needed to change both girls diapers and put them in their holiday outfits and then it was picture time!

 Smug-Niece didn't mind Santa at all
 Who are you?
 Smiling for Grandma

 Almost done!
 Ready to get up now Grandma!!
What the?!?!?

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