Thursday, December 16, 2010

Best Laid Plans

They were calling for the snow to start about 11 last night. It was supposed to snow about 2-4 inches by morning and turn to sleet and freezing rain and then to just rain by this afternoon. This forecast was really fine with me. I can drive in the snow and I would be home most of the day anyway.

I got up extra early this morning so that I would have time to scrape off the truck and shovel the driveway if needed. However, everything is bone dry. Not a flake to be seen! This too is fine with me. I have no love of snow and ice and the day would run more smoothly without it to be sure.

I turned on the TV to see the weather and I see that the snow is imminent and should be starting soon. Now this is also fine. I can get to work before the snow starts and people start driving like they are nutso. However, this means that my husband and my sweet girl will probably have to be out in it when the snow is falling at its worst and before the plows are able to do their thing. This worries me.

After I leave work today, I have to take care of Gramps and make a run to the UPS store (they are right beside each other, so no biggie) before I come home. I just hope that I am able to get that stuff done and home still before the sleet and freezing rain make it really hard to get up the big hill to my house.

So, I have time this morning to post. I would rather be sleeping but someone decided that it was time for her to be awake too and I sit here typing away with a sweet girl playing with her ball at my feet, giggling as the ball rolls away from her and every now and then looking up at Sesame Street on the TV. My life is so perfect right now :)

However, I must finish getting ready for work and kiss her soft little face good-bye for a few long hours until I can squeeze her the whole day through!!

UPDATE: The snow started falling as I was driving to work and I listened to Christmas music and watched it fall while I waited for the building door to unlock. What is it about falling snow that makes the day/night feel so still and quiet??

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