Friday, December 31, 2010

Good-Bye 2010

2010 has been full of wonderful memories and full of loss. I gave birth to my first child in 2010. I said good-bye to my Grandmother and cousin in 2010. I think back on the past year with mixed emotions, so much good, so much wonder, so much love, but I have cried a lot in 2010 and worried and lost people I love.

As I think forward to 2011, I am full of hope. There is something amazing about New Years Eve, there is this feeling of promise, like anything is possible. Most years turn out about the same, good and bad, yet we tend to look at each new year as a new beginning; something exciting!

I don't normally write down a list of resolutions, but I wanted to record a few thoughts about the up coming year.

I want to get healthy in 2011. I went about 3 years without getting sick before I got pregnant, then it seems like I have been nothing but sick since. I want to boost my immune system, cut that nasty dairy out, and start exercising on a regular basis. That doesn't seem to hard to follow does it? I don't want to start out tomorrow with a plan to workout 5 hours a day, 7 days a week or anything crazy, but I have to do something.

When it was nicer out I was walking with the babies, but then it got really cold and I kept getting sick and no more walking. Smug-Sister got a Wii and since I will be there, I think that I should plan on playing something like dance off each day and walking with Smug-Grandma at least once a week. I think that is doable!

The other thing I want to do more of in 2011 is being a nicer person. I want to stop yelling at other drivers for being stupid. I want to stop judging others. I want to stop thinking negatively about others. That is actually a really tall order, to try to control your thoughts, but I'm going to try :)

What are you thinking about for the new year? Anything that you want to make happen?

Good-Bye 2010 - thanks for the memories, take care and have a wonderful time joining the past and giving up the title of present!

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  1. I want to be more patient with my son and my husband and myself. And maybe even my in-laws. :) I want to be more creative in finding new activities for my son and I during the day. I want to get an established routine. I want to sleep through the night!