Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I love Christmas! I love the food best of all I guess. Last night I made some holiday biscotti (with cranberries and almonds) and some chocolate biscotti (with chocolate chips and walnuts) to send to some loved ones for Christmas gifts. I need to get everything wrapped and packaged up tonight for a post office run tomorrow morning. I hope that I haven't waited too long and they won't arrive before Christmas!!

Anyway, the house was filled with the smell of baking and the lights on the tree were twinkling and my sweet baby was in the back-pack watching my every move. I had Christmas music playing in the back ground and the wind outside was howling. The house was warm and I felt full of the joy of Christmas!!

I am going to do some more baking on Thursday to prepare the food gifts for my neighbors and will probably go ahead and make a few more of the food gifts for others and try to deliver them all this weekend. That will leave me all next week for wrapping family gifts and making even more food!!

I hardly even feel my head cold anymore! Mornings are hard and as soon as I lay down at night, my head stops up and I can't breathe. However, during the day I feel pretty normal, just more tired. I look forward to next week and all the time off and time spent with my family!

I hope that your holiday plans are going well and that you are full of the joy and magic that is Christmas!! Remember, Christmas isn't a day, its a state of mind!! :)

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