Friday, December 10, 2010

We Are All Human

Why do we hold celebrities to a higher/lower standard than the "normal" folk?

Why do we allow politicians to be held to a MUCH lower standard than normal folk?

I was thinking about how we always hear after the fact, like once they have been elected, that a politician was unfaithful to their spouse. But the fact is that people knew about it before-hand and nothing was said or at least nothing was taken seriously.

It feels like it only became news once they were elected and the revelation would sell more magazines or news organizations would pay more for the information. It's like everyone is consumed with greed and not with electing the best people to run our country. Is it any wonder that our economy is tanking?

Here is the saddest thing: Corruption and sleaze has become commonplace for our politicians, so much so that it is not really even a kiss of death for their career, just some bad press that they have to move past. Bill Clinton had numerous affairs and he is still popular and still has a career; and wasn't there a mayor in the 80's, in New York I think, that was caught on video buying drugs, went to jail, got out, ran for office and won?!?!

I was then thinking about how Miley Cyrus is criticized for taking racy pictures of herself - she is just being a teenager for God sake! Teens are growing and testing and discovering themselves and she should totally be allowed to do the same. The only reason it is news is because she is famous. People think that because she has fans that are little girls and teens themselves that she is a role model and if she tries to be sexy, then her fans will be too and OMG what ever will we do then!! People seem to forget that it is a parent's job to guide and raise their children and not Miley Cyrus's!!

So then, why is it that Miley is judged so harshly for her actions, that are the same as pretty much any teenager? She is simply a singer, an actor - a good one? Sure! A popular one? Totally, but just a singer none the less. Why do we continue to elect people to run our country who are corrupt and greedy and faithless? We give a free pass to our politicians because, we are all human and we all make mistakes and we can all be redeemed. The problem is, they aren't being redeemed - they try to sell a senate seat to the highest bidder and then go on to reality TV and become even more famous!

I say we give Miley a break and stop electing assholes to run our country! I wonder if we all wrote in Spongebob for president what would happen - after all Spongebob is loyal, never has a bad word to say about anyone, has a good attitude and a great work ethic!! I think he would make a great president!!

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